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August 22, 2012

A Super Center

men cutting a red ribbon

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (center) helped dedicate the University’s Health Sciences Center for Computational Innovation (HSCCI) at a ceremony in early August. The center is home to IBM’s next generation supercomputer—the Blue Gene/Q—making Rochester one of the five most powerful university-based supercomputing sites in the nation. Also celebrating the opening were (left to right) New York State Senator Joe Robach, President Joel Seligman, New York State Assemblyman Harry Bronson and New York State Senator Jim Alesi. Renovations to the University’s data center and acquisition of the Blue Gene/Q were made possible though a $5 million award from New York State at the recommendation of the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council. Last year, the council identified the HSCCI as a priority project.

Changes to employee benefits plans announced

University faculty and staff will see modifications to tuition benefits and short- and long-term disability programs in 2013.

The changes are based on recommendations presented to President Joel Seligman by a University-wide committee charged with evaluating University resources. The Office of Human Resources will mail details of the plans to the homes of employees.
Many of the changes taking place are outlined in this special issue of Currents.

Employees are urged to pay special attention to changes taking place in tuition benefits and the long-term disability plans.

A message from President Seligman

The challenges posed by current economic conditions, including the prospect of reduced health care reimbursement, decreasing federal support for research, and the nationwide focus on the costs of college, require that our University be diligent in managing expenditures.

Position of provost restructured

“This new structure will more effectively address the provost’s role in our decentralized university governance model as well as the ongoing expansion of the research side of the Office of the Provost,” Seligman said.

Rochester scientists play key roles in search for Higgs boson

An elementary particle that’s believed to be responsible for giving other particles their mass, the Higgs boson is considered by physicists to be the remaining piece to the standard model of particle physics.

Introducing Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation

Construction is under way on a new building to house new programs in digital media studies and audio and music engineering.

Medical Center expands affiliation efforts

Berk notes that by partnering, a seamless network of health care delivery will be created allowing patients to access many different levels of care at a variety of locations.

River Walk

Officials celebrate the official opening of the Erie Lackawanna Pedestrian Bridge in July