University of Rochester Institute for Data Science

Data science is the creation and application of powerful new methods to collect, curate, analyze, and make discoveries from large-scale data.

  • aerial view of New York with twitter balloon captions
    Video Spotlight: Tracking Flu Via Twitter

    Researchers at the University of Rochester showed last year how Twitter can be used to predict how likely it is for a Twitter user to become sick. They have now used Twitter to model how other factors -- social status, exposure to pollution, interpersonal interaction and others -- influence health.

  • Big Data
    Big Data Drawing Big Student Enrollments

    How does Netflix recommend TV shows and movies for you? How does the Center for Disease Control predict the spread of infectious diseases? Why does my computer now only display ads for MBA programs? What are the most dangerous intersections for a cyclist in Los Angeles? All of these questions can be answered by some (relatively) simple big data analysis. Business analytics and big data analysis courses are popping up at MBA programs at a frenzied pace. Florian Zettelmeyer, a professor at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, has been pondering the implications for a decade.

  • Business Analytics
    Simon Business School Revamps MS Program in Business Analytics

    The rise of “Big Data,” an avalanche of computer-generated information across industries, has created an increasing demand for highly skilled business analysts proficient in quantitative analysis with plenty of hands on experience in the field. Simon Business School is responding to rapid change in the ever-growing “Big Data” world by revamping its existing MS Program in Business Analytics curriculum to address these shifting needs.

  • Danny Wegman
    Wegman Foundation gives $17 million to University

    In recognition of a $10 million lead gift to the Institute of Data Science, the institute's new landmark building will be named for the Wegman family.

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Research in data science

The University of Rochester is advancing basic and applied research in data science. Interdisciplinary teams across computer science, medicine, and all the sciences are harnessing the power of data to improve our health, create new industries, and expand fundamental knowledge.

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Data science and economic development

The Rochester, N.Y. region and New York State are poised to be national leaders in analyzing and commercializing the limitless uses of data to improve the quality of life and fuel economic growth. New York State recently provided support to create a new Rochester Center of Excellence in Data Science (CoE) at the University of Rochester. Complementing the Institute of Data Science, its goals are to leverage basic research, training, and technology development in this field and to drive regional economic development.