Data Science Faculty Searches

The university has multiple openings for tenure-track faculty in data science and related areas.  There is a Search for Interdisciplinary Research in Data Science in addition to searches run by particular departments.  Please click on the links below for information about each search. Candidates may apply to more than one search if that is appropriate for their research interests.

Faculty Search for Interdisciplinary Research in Data Science

The University of Rochester seeks applicants for multiple tenure track positions in interdisciplinary research areas within data science.  We seek scientists who are excited about engaging in collaborative research that connects advances in computational models and methods to other fields of engineering or the life, social, or physical sciences.  Successful candidates will receive a primary appointment in one of the departments supporting the search, and a secondary appointment in at least one other department.

Department of Computer Science

The University of Rochester Department of Computer Science seeks applicants for multiple tenure track positions in the broad areas of experimental systems and data science research, including but not exclusively focused on very large data-driven systems, machine learning and/or optimization, networks and distributed systems, operating systems,  sustainable systems, security, and cloud computing.

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering seeks applicants for a tenure track position in the broadly defined area of data science research.  We seek candidates interested in the collection, analysis, visualization, distribution and management of large complex data sets and in large, complex systems. Candidates conducting research in aspects of these fields, such as distributed systems and sensor networks, novel applications of signal processing methodologies to analyze complex data, applications of information theoretic methods in the analysis of complex data, multimedia and the semantic web, managing design complexity, analytical modeling and analysis of large-scale computing systems, emerging beyond-CMOS circuits and systems, and the intersection of nanoelectronics and non-Von Neumann computing are encouraged to apply. 

Department of Brain & Cognitive Science

The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester is seeking to hire a tenure-track faculty member in the area of theoretical and computational neuroscience. We are primarily interested in candidates who employ theoretical and/or computational approaches to address fundamental questions regarding neural coding, sensory and perceptual processing, motor control, cognition, and decision-making. 

Faculty Openings in the School of Medicine & Dentistry

The University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry is seeking candidates in genomics and bioinformatics in a number of centers, including the Clinical & Translational Science Institute, the Wilmot Cancer Center, and the David H. Smith Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology.  Please see the School of Medicine & Dentistry Faculty Job Openings for more information.


For a complete list of open positions, please see Careers at the University of Rochester.