It’s all about getting a good meal, right?
So what sets us apart from other University Dining Programs?


Dedication to Local Foods

Between our Local Foods Week Celebrations and our enduring focus throughout the year to source as much as possible from our local area and within New York State, we have been on the leading edge of the local foods movement for some time. Currently over 56% of the products we serve and sell on campus are sourced from within New York State. We are extremely proud of this fact and are constantly looking for additional ways to support our local environment while providing our students with quality products.

Culinary Talent

Sourcing talent from fine dining, gastropubs, hotels, Wegmans, Disney, and more, we are extremely proud of the culinary talent we have on campus.  Our chefs regularly compete in NACUFS ACF Culinary Challenges and we boast numerous gold, silver and bronze medals among our ranks.  Also, our Executive Chef was just recently awarded with his Pro Chef III Certified Executive Chef (CEC) designation from the Culinary Institute of America and the American Culinary Federation.

Student Connection

At the end of the day, our most important promise is to our students. We pride ourselves on remaining close to our students and student groups, freely sharing information, asking for and responding to feedback, being inclusive about all changes big and small, and allowing and encouraging them to take ownership of the program. On campus we have become a model for other service departments to mirror when it comes to our interactions with the student community.


For general questions, media inbquiries, or dining concerns, please contact us at or 585 275 6265. 

For billing inquiries, appeals, or ID card questions, please contact or 585 275 8756 or 1 800 661 1118.