Contract Terms and Conditions

The period of the contract corresponds to the official opening and closing of the residence halls each semester. The participant will have access to his or her dining plan during that time. Fall semester contracts are automatically renewed for the spring semester unless changed or canceled during the published dining plan change period.

Dining Plan Changes

Dining plan changes will only be accepted at the Customer Service/ ID Office in Susan B. Anthony Halls using the official Dining Plan Amendment Request. Eastman School of Music students can get a Dining Plan Amendment Request from a Manager at the Eastman Dining Center.

The Bursar’s Office cannot process dining plan changesChanges noted on a tuition statement are not valid and will not be processed.

Dining change period(s):

  • Fall semester: 09/11/17 – 09/16/17 (there is a $25.00 modification fee for plan changes or cancellations.)
  • Open Spring Modification: 10/23/17 – 10/28/17; 11/27/17 – 11/29/17
  • Late Spring Modification:  01/22/18 – 01/26/18 ($25.00 modification fee applied)

We have a Budgeting Calendar tool to gauge where your declining balance usage should be throughout the semester.

Dining Plan Exceptions

University of Rochester Dining Services will go out of its way to provide students with acceptable options at every meal. Only those students who can document reasons why the University of Rochester Dining Services cannot provide food that meets their dietary needs will be considered for an exception to the meal plan requirements.  The applicant is responsible for submitting ALL appropriate documentation and reviewing all procedures listed below.  Only one appeal per student per year will be considered. No appeals will be accepted after October 1st for the fall semester and March 1st for the spring semester.

Participants requesting an exception from dining plan requirements must request and submit a Dining Plan Exemption Request to the Customer Service/ID Office in Susan B. Anthony Halls.


Refund Policy

Meal Plans

Refunds of unused declining balance will be issued for any participant who withdraws from the University or whose status changes to inactive during a semester, as certified by Academic Support, the Registrar’s Office, or the appropriate dean. Refunds will be credited through the University’s Bursar statement. Meal plan costs are also credited through the University’s Bursar statement and are subject to proration based upon the official date of cancellation.

URos Accounts

URos account balances will carry over from year to year until graduation. Upon graduation, any unused balance of $20 or more will be refunded to you via the University’s Bursar statement.  Should you withdraw or resign from the University, during or at the close of a semester, any unused balance of $20 or more will be refunded via the University’s Bursar statement.


For general questions or dining concerns, please contact us at or 585 275 6265. 

For billing inquiries, questions on appeals, or ID card questions, please contact or 585 275 8756 or 1 800 661 1118.