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MMLA Bylaws

Launched: January 21, 2013

Mantra: "As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another..."


"We, the Minority Male Leadership Association, are dedicated to exploring the characteristics of successful minority male leaders. We build a community of young driven minority men through mentorship and academic excellence.”
Our primary objectives are to (1) foster the spirit of brotherhood amongst minority men on campus and (2) connect MMLA members to young minority men in the Rochester community through our various partnerships to improve the plight of young minority men in the Rochester City School District. Hispanic/Latino and Black males respectively comprise just 9% and 11% of Rochester’s annual high school graduating classes. These are the worst graduation rates in the United States of America. []. We aim to help raise these rates by creating quality programming for young men in the Rochester community.

2014-2015 MMLA Steering Committee

2013-2014 MMLA Steering Committee

Executive Board

The Minority Male Leadership Association (MMLA) is administered and facilitated by an Executive Board, consisting of:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Conference Chair
  • Marketing Chair
    • Public Relations
    • Sponsorship Chair
    • Communications Chair
  • Research Coordinator
  • Recruitment Chair
  • Programming Chair
  • Community Service Chair
  • Faculty/Staff Advisor(s)

The Executive Board (Executive Board) of the Minority Male Leadership Association represents the organization and its official positions. Positions are completely voluntary and terms for all positions are one year in length, with no term limits; elections to be held annually. All members of the Executive Board may serve consecutive terms. Members of the Executive Board are accountable to the membership of the Minority Male Leadership Association for their activities and communications. E-Board members must: (1) actively mentor younger members of MMLA, (2) attend at least one mentoring event per month, (3) attend e-board meetings, and (4) satisfactorily execute position tasks.

General members must: (1) attend at least one mentoring event per month and (2) actively support MMLA initiatives through the MMLA Shadowing Program. If the general membership of the Minority Male Leadership Association feels that any member of the Executive Board has failed to perform satisfactorily, that member may be removed from office by a majority vote of no confidence by the membership. Additional subcommittees and task forces can be created through the Executive Board, with the direct support of the President and Faculty Advisor.

Vacancies on the Executive Board shall be communicated through the Membership Chair and can be filled by special election as the Membership Chair sees fit.



  1. Responsible for all aspects of MMLA programming and strategic development of the organization
  2. Facilitation of Executive Board and general membership meetings, ultimate collation of meeting agenda and reporting mechanisms
  3. Ensures all meetings are run orderly and within a timely manner
  4. Lead community service/mentoring initiatives along with Community Service Chair
  5. Delegate and oversee completion of tasks pertinent to semester agenda
  6. Oversee official MMLA correspondence
  7. Duties not limited to those above


  1. Assist president with facilitation of Executive Board and general membership meetings, ultimate collation of meeting agenda and reporting mechanisms
  2. Assist president with creating and support subcommittee or task forces to address current issues and work with leadership of said subcommittee of task force on communicating the results of their work to the general membership
  3. Take a lead in community service initiatives/mentoring along with Community Service Chair
  4. Assist president in delegating and overseeing completion of pertinent tasks as determined by Executive Board
  5. Duties not limited to those above


  1. Check MMLA e-mail account at least three times per week and respond to inquiries from prospective members, partner organizations, alumni, etc.
  2. Inform president and vice-president of inquiries at e-board meetings; forward time-sensitive correspondence to president and vice-president
  3. Compile MMLA membership forms in Google Drive
  4. Responsible for keeping minutes at all meetings in addition to relaying important correspondence to the organization (i.e. e-board meeting reminders, major event reminders)
  5. Maintain events’ calendar
  6. Organize MMLA contacts in email account and update President on relevant issues
  7. Duties not limited to those above


  1. Responsible for the receipt, deposit, and disbursement of MMLA funds in financial institutions or instruments as designated by the Executive Board
  2. all funds belonging to MMLA including our GoFundme Account and PayPal account
  3. Create semesterly financial reports as directed by the Executive Board
  4. Act as financial liaison to the Office of Human Resources and Rochester community as a whole;
  5. Create budget and provide updates at e-board meetings; put copies of all data in treasurer’s packet (Google Drive)
  6. Write and submit grants on MMLA behalf based on quantitative research

Conference Chair

  1. Serve as ultimate coordinator for the annual Minority Male Success Symposium by collecting input from division chairs, executive board, and ILA members about conference workshops, keynote & luncheon speakers, roundtables, and other conference planning issues
  2. Work with treasurer to develop & submit a conference budget for approval by MMLA Executive Board
  3. Recruit members for conference committee and meet regularly with them to develop conference schedule, coordinate speaker needs, develop program booklet, set fees & registration options, and other conference planning and promotion issues, etc
  4. Present MMLA Executive Board with updates on conference planning progress at board meetings
  5. On day of symposium, act as the gracious public face of MMLA by both officially opening and closing the conference
  6. Participate in press conference and press interviews as scheduled by publicity coordinator
  7. Open and close the conference. Introduce plenary speakers (and possibly other invited speakers).
  8. Act as one year advisory member for next annual conference

 Marketing Team

  • Communications Chair
  1. Create, distribute, and post flyers with help of marketing team for MMLA events 
  2. Must maintain online social networking presence on major Internet platforms (e.g. don’t deactivate facebook/twitter)
  3. To communicate with the University web manager Maggie Cousin ( to keep web pages up-to-date
  4. Create newsletters in conjunction with the marketing team after all major MMLA events
  5. Publish bi-weekly social network posts on future MMLA events and/or relevant information for social media followers
  6. Take and/or collect photos of MMLA events to publish on campus site and major social networking sites
  • Public Relations
  1. Foster communication within Marketing Team and assist the Communications Chair and Sponsorship Chair
  2. Publicize MMLA activities by liaison by attending monthly MSAB meetings; meant to foster meaningful relationships with other minority campus organizations (OMSA, Kearns, BSU, PASA, SALSA... etc)
  3. Provide information on MSAB meetings at e-board meetings to increase awareness of the Minority Male Leadership Association through various University and community based programs
  4. Organize MMLA study tables for members and interest  
  5. Create newsletters in conjunction with the marketing team after all major MMLA events
  • Sponsorship Chair
  1. Responsible for developing relationships with groups, companies, and individuals which may be interested in providing sponsorship funding to MMLA
  2. Developing sponsorship letter(s) to be sent to all prospective sponsors
  3. Present sponsorship opportunities throughout the campus and community resources (organizations, companies, etc.) to assist in fundraising and marketing opportunities for such resources that wish to support MMLA mission and purpose
  4. Set a sponsorship goal and create a strategy, in partnership with the Conference chair and/or committee, to reach sponsorship goal
  5. Recruit sponsorship sub-committee volunteers and meet with them regularly
  6. Plan and implement event day sponsor recognition
  7. Create newsletters in conjunction with the marketing team after all major MMLA events
  • Research Coordinator
  1. Helps the annual call for research presentations at the University of Rochester Diversity Conference, to increase awareness of the minority male initiative
  2. Monitors up-to-date research that supports the mission and purpose of MMLA and its constituents
  3. Submits workshop proposals, poster sessions pertaining the mission and purpose of MMLA
  4. Assist in writing and submitting grants  MMLA behalf based on evidence based research
  5. Create surveys for high school students to establish baseline data in order to further evaluate the impact of mentoring efforts

 Recruitment Chair

  1. Maintain member relations, help grow the membership, and maintain accurate membership, activity and policy records
  2. To maintain the membership list and work closely with the Secretary to control the release of information in a timely manner
  3. Encourage and persuade Shadowing Program members to mentor high school students
  4. Oversee MMLA Shadowing Program and help in the creation of different task force and sub-committees to address needs of Shadow Program members
  5. Assist in managing the MMLA Facebook group

 Programming Chair

  1. Responsible for assembling the main conference program
  2. Selecting a Program Committee, selecting invited speakers, approving workshops
  3. Provide updates to the Conference Chair and Executive Board
  4. Create programs and event operations for MMLA events
  5. Duties not limited to those above

Community Service Chair

  1. To increase awareness of the MMLA through various University and community based programs
  2. Communicate with program coordinators that have established partnerships with MMLA
  3. Recruit members for community service projects
  4. To be liaison to the community on MMLA initiatives
  5. To support and create opportunities for MMLA in the community
  6. Create semesterly reports on MMLA community service/mentoring efforts

Faculty/Staff Advisor(s)

  1. Takes an active role in assisting the MMLA to achieve its mission and purpose
  2. Serves as a liaison between Campus involvement and MMLA
  3. Be a pillar of support and serve as an advocate for MMLA
  4. Provide Executive review for problem resolution (as appropriate)
  5. Interface with faculty and staff affinity group leadership

Membership in the Minority Male Leadership Association is open to all staff, faculty and students of the University of Rochester. Further to include members of the campus and community whom support the initiatives of underrepresented minority males. Community advocates may register themselves as members of the Minority Male Leadership Association by contacting the Secretary or Recruitment Chair via e-mail or hardcopy mail, with the choice of being anonymous members, or known members. No prospective membership shall be refused membership based on their sex, gender, religion, race, or creed. All general members will have the opportunity to hold office and serve on committees, receive resource materials, and attend Minority Male Leadership Association special events.


The purpose of this program is to promote camaraderie among those participating in the Shadowing Program and those on the MMLA Executive Board. An additional goal of the program is to enhance the leadership skills of members so that they will serve as Executive Board members in the future. Program participants will have the opportunity to sit it on Executive Board meetings, conference calls, and build meaningful relationships with upperclassmen, graduate students, and professional men of color in the Rochester community. All program participants must be University of Rochester students (undergraduate and/or graduate) who do not serve on the MMLA Executive Board, but exhibit characteristics to serve as future leaders of the organization and on campus. Those that partake in the Shadowing Program have all been recommended by current Executive Board members or have expressed interest in improving their leadership skills and/or being more involved with MMLA.


The President and Vice-President will bring the suggestion of other committees to the executive board and the board will make the final decision; delegate to them such powers and duties as the board shall think appropriate, except that enumerated powers specifically delegated to the Secretary, Recruitment Chair. Sub-Committees shall be dissolved by a decision of the general membership, the Executive Board or the Sub-Committee itself.


Revisions and amendments to these bylaws may be made by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board. Copies of the proposed amendment shall be sent to each board member along with the notice of the meeting at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting date. If an action under a proposed amendment would be greater in scope than the proposed amendment of which the Board received notice, it may not be acted upon at such a meeting, and a new meeting must be called for this purpose. An affirmative vote of two-thirds of the board members present and voting shall be necessary to adopt any amendment or modification to these bylaws. Once changes have been adopted they can be found on the African American Network website.


The Minority Male Leadership Association at the University of Rochester may be dissolved by an affirmative vote of seventy-five percent (75%) of the membership, with the option to be reestablished under the same guidelines or modified if necessary at any given time.


General membership meetings will be held monthly, at a minimum of four meetings per year. The location and time may differ, depending on availability of conference space and general consensus on meeting times. The Executive Board may call executive meetings as needed and limit attendance to itself and to those individuals it chooses to invite. Communication on the meeting venue and agenda items shall originate with the Secretary and be sent electronically to the appropriate e-mail distribution list. Special consideration shall be provided for anyone who does not have access to e-mail. Any general member can submit agenda items through the Secretary to be included in the mailing prior to the next meeting. Meetings shall be facilitated by the Chair and or Vice-Chair, Guest Speakers, or other Committee members. Minutes will be taken by the Secretary or a designee. The executive board will hold bi-monthly meetings. The e-board meeting schedule can be changed at the discretion of the President and/or entire Executive Board.

Bylaws: Revised 1/5/2015 CAP