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2:15-3:45 Concurrent Sessions

Supporting International Students

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Goergen Hall, Sloan Auditorium

Facilitators: Richard Feldman, Molly Jolliff, Lydia Crews, Marcy Kraus, and Deb Rossen-Knill
Description: This session will provide information about the College’s expanded services of international students, with primary focus on academic support.

Francis PriceUnderrepresented Minorities in Business

Dewey Hall, Room 1-101
Facilitator: Rajiv Dewan, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research; Chairman, Ph.D. Program
Description: This session will focus on will focus on pipeline issues in getting under-represented minorities enrolled in top business schools and to succeed in business careers at the highest levels.

No Need for Redeemers:  Conducting Scholarly, Asset-Based Community Research

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Hutchison Hall, Lander Auditorium

Facilitators: Nancy Ares, Associate Professor of Education and Dena Swanson, Assistant Professor of Education
Description: This session includes a discussion on the ways that research around diversity and inclusion is made integral to scholarship and lives in academia, rather than being a service or a sideline. Relations among university researchers and community members will also be addressed. The discussion will be followed by poster presentations highlighting research at Warner in which diversity and inclusion are integral to the scholarship produced by faculty. A final discussion will address issues of promotion and tenure regarding the value (or devaluing) of such research

Looking Toward the Future of Nursing: Addressing the Needs of a Changing Society

Helen Wood Hall, Hart Seminar Room
Facilitator: Kathy Parker, Dean and Professor, School of Nursing
Description: This session will explore the changing health care needs of an increasingly diverse society and the responsibility that the nursing profession has to optimally anticipate, respond to, and evaluate outcomes.

Promoting Medical School Diversity from Within and Through the Pipeline     

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Click here for a PDF of Adrienne Morgan's PowerPoint
Helen Wood Hall, Room 509  
Facilitators: John Hansen, Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy and Adrienne Morgan, Senior Director for CACHED
Description: This session will provide an overview of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry's initiatives focused on the recruitment and retention of a diverse medical student class. Information regarding our various educational pipeline programs and outcomes of these initiatives will be discussed.

ImprovisationDo our Modes of Learning Unwittingly Exclude Other Cultures?

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Helen Wood Hall, Auditorium

Facilitators: Doug Lowry, Dean and Professor of Conducting and Ensembles, and Katherine Ciesinski, Professor of Voice
What does improvisation have to do with diversity? Can improvisation be a key to inclusiveness? Do we devalue creativity in higher education? How can we strictly adhere to our disciplinary boundaries, while still remaining open and creative?
Summary: Three presenters discussed improvisation as a mode of learning, highlighting the human creativity that makes improvisation possible: Bill Cahn (Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion, and member of the percussion group, NEXUS), began by inviting a member of the audience up to improvise with him on his homemade balophon, (West African xylophone)—much to the amusement and enjoyment of the audience! Chris Azzara (Music Education, Jazz and Contemporary Media) continued by having the audience sing and clap rhythms, improvising as they saw fit. Both Bill and Chris emphasized the human potential to improvise creatively, and the role of “formal learning” in stifling creativity. Rohan Krishnamurthy (PhD student, Musicology, and Director of the School’s South Indian Drumming Ensemble) discussed both his early training on, and present-day teaching of, the mrdangam, a South Indian drum, stressing the importance of improvisation in understanding “difference” in its broader sense. Bill and Rohan used handouts.