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Conference Posters

5th Annual Diversity Conference
Crossroads: An Opportunity for Progress

Conference Posters

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Poster Presenters

1How Use of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in Public Schools May Interrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline for African-American Students
Nancy Gearhart
2Bodies in Dependence; A Foucaultian Genealogy of The Americans With Disabilities Acts of 1990 and 2008
Michael Skyer

Understanding Media Pedagogy in an Advanced-level Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) course--a New Way to Cross Cultural Boundaries


Ting Huang

Theoretical Perspectives Used to Explain Factors Associated with Mitigating Stigmatized Perspectives and Relevance for Service-Based Professionals


Babatunde Oluwaseun Adekson

Creating a Diversity in Nursing Council in the Professional Nursing Practice Model


Mary Carey; Brandon Qualls
6Transition Opportunities at the University of Rochester - Promoting an Inclusive Intellectual Community
Emma Rainwater
7That's What He Said!
Sierra Cason

UR Transition: Improving First-Year Student Connection to Disability Services


Elizabeth Carpenter; Amy Clark; Robin Frye; Pamela Spallaci.
Abbey Linsky; Nicole Podoloff; Rose Richter


From Black Smiley to White Wise: Different Approaches but the Message is the Same

Waleed Abdellatif
10Expanding Our View of Cultural Wealth to Enhance Clients' Perspectives and the Therapueutic Process
Donna Walck
11Growing Pharmacy Student Professionals Through Diversity Education at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy
Andrea Schiliro; Emma Gorman
12Examining the Psychosocial Needs of Military Involved Families
Alisa Hathaway; Justin Russotti; Catherine Cerulli
13Methods of Community Engagement for HIV Vaccine Clinical Studies
Andrew Moran; Cody Gardner
14Teen Health & Success Partnership ProgramKimberly Murature; Suzanne Piotrowski; Alyssa Cannarozzo; Kevin Graham; La'ren Lauchie-Paul; Bethany Young
15Young Men of Rochester: UR BoldSuzanne Piotrowski; Kimberly Murature; Alyssa Cannarozzo; Kevin Graham; La'ren Lauchie-Paul; Bethany Young
16Diversity and International Students on American Campus
Nan Zhang
17Comparison of the Prevalence of Hypertension in a Rural and Urban Setting in El Salvador
Christine R. Birnie; Paige Nelson; Heather Miller; Lillian Brennan; and Melanie Johnson
18Building a Community Focused on Educational Achievement of Young Minority Men in Rochester, New YorkClifford Pierre, Kevin Graham, NoelRamlall, Pierrot Rutagarama, and David Paul
19Pursuing Inclusiveness and Diversity: Graduate Students of Color (GSOC) Council at the University of RochesterBentley Hunt, Rennae Robinson, Avilene Tiscareno, and Danielle Alcena

Constructing the 1AC: Exploring the Nuances of Disability and its Positivity


Oluwatobi Abubakare

21Realizing the fact that "Good" may become better than "Better"
Ahmet Celenli

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