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Workshop Session A

Workshop Session A (11:00-12:00)

A1: Witnessing Whiteness
America is often referred to as a melting pot where our ancestors came together and blended to create a new American identity. What is that identity? What does it mean to be a white American? What does it mean to be a white anti-racist American? To be a witness?  This session will include exercises to ground us in our own individual racial/ethnic/cultural histories followed by practice dialogues on race working in dyads.

Presenters: Jean Carroll, President and CEO of YWCA and several experienced facilitators from the YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County

A2:Practical Religious Pluralism: Building Interfaith Community on Campus
An interactive workshop, led by students, using the case study method to examine issues that arise on college campuses as religious diversity expands. The case studies illustrate the challenges faced by minority religious groups, encouraging participants to brainstorm creative solutions to common issues of interfaith etiquette that arise on campuses.

Presenters:  Denise Yarbrough, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life; The Students' Association for Interfaith Cooperation including Fatima Bawany, Aaron Marans, Stephanie Salazar, Samantha Merrill, Ian Pershing, Rebecca Walters, and Shyam Venkateswaran.

A3: Academic and Environmental Barriers to Inclusion for People with Disabilitiesrobinson
A thought-provoking discussion on where we are as a community in recognizing the broad category of disability as an aspect of diversity and an opportunity for reflection on the inclusivity of our campus, home, and community environments.  Attendees will participate in an active discussion, in both pairs and large group, reflecting on the academic and physical environments for people with disabilities on the UR campus. The attendees will also have the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the inclusive and non-inclusive aspects of their own work, home, and community environments.

Presenters:Laura Robinson, educator and researcher in developmental disabilities; Amy Clark, Disability Support Coordinator

A4: A Conversation on Race: A Community Project in Rochester
Participants will experience a safe space where questions of racial identity and belonging, among other things, can be explored. Each dialogue is different because it is composed of the blend of voices of those who participate. The work consists of small group and large group discussions of questions related to race, identity, and an exploration of how these ideas took root in us initially within our own lives.

Presenters: Kit Miller, Director of MK Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence; Michelle Thompson-Taylor, Director Intercultural Center

A5: Invisible Students: Graduate Students of Color at the U of R
The workshop focuses on vital support structures for underrepresented students.  Presenters will explore the feelings associated with being a graduate student of color at a Predominantly White Institution with emphasis on pathways to implement at this university.  This workshop will utilize empirical evidence to show the importance affinity groups are to the retention and overall success of underrepresented students.

Presenters:Sheena O’Connor, Human Development Ph.D. student; Carmen Delia Cortazar; Electrical Engineering Masters student;  Danielle Alcena, Council Advisor in the David T. Kearns Center for Leadership & Diversity

A6: Transforming Power Structures through Campus-Community Partnershipscer
This session will spotlight several successful campus-community partnerships as a starting point for discussion to explore how this approach to teaching, learning and research can shift power dynamics inherent in conventional relations between the “ivory tower” and its host community.  Participants, in group settings, will learn about principles of campus-community partnerships that seek to invert conventional power dynamics, and engage faculty, staff, students and community members as co-creators of knowledge in a dynamic, relational process.

Presenters: Glenn Cerosaletti, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Rochester Center for Community Leadership; Ann Marie White, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Alykhan Alani, Rochester Youth Year Fellow, Anthony Jordan Health Center at Woodward;  Leesha K. Hoilette, URMC and Anthony Jordan Health Center at Woodward

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