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Diversity at the University

2012 Change the Conversation

3rd Annual Conference, April 20, 2012


Keynote: Claude Steele

Claude Steele is an eminent social psychologist and Dean of the School of Education at Stanford University. Steele’s work focuses on “stereotype threat”–the idea that students who belong to groups that have been negatively stereotyped are likely to perform less well in situations such as standardized tests in which they feel they are being evaluated through the lens of that stereotype.


This year’s theme, “Change the Conversation” is designed to build upon last year’s conference theme, “Why Diversity?” This conference will explore ways to focus on areas of potential and actual change. Each session will be designed to offer an opportunity to engage in those sometimes difficult conversations about diversity. We expect that conference attendees will be able to recognize how personal biases may inhibit progress toward our shared goals as we work to develop strategies to reduce the impact of bias. This conference seeks to promote open-mindedness, the celebration of diversity and inclusiveness, and the acceptance of others within the University and our local communities.