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Diversity at the University

Faculty Diversity Officers


The mission of the Faculty Diversity Officers (FDOs) is to collaborate with University leadership and faculty to develop strategies that foster the hiring and retention of underrepresented faculty.

The FDO Role

To improve the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty within each school, Faculty Diversity Officers:

Emphasize the importance of improving faculty diversity and keeping it in the forefront of  faculty recruitment and retention efforts by:

  • Advocating persistently and vigilantly for social justice and equity in research,   teaching, and clinical care
  • Serving as visible champions to bring issues raised by faculty to the attention of the OFDD
  • Serving as liaisons between the OFDD and individual departments
  • Providing leadership to encourage both formal and informal organizational change initiatives

Implement best practices to promote diversity through the development and review of school and University policies by:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve the climate for recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty
  • Enlisting the OFDD to provide visibility on such issues
  • Identifying opportunities to develop faculty mentoring and cultural sensitivity programs
  • Directing interested faculty to the OFDD for assistance

Serve as organizational change agents by:

  • Training search committees to utilize best practices in their outreach and recruitment efforts
  • Providing resources developed by the OFDD to search committees
  • Participating in the review and interpretation of data related to hiring, retention, and promotion
  • Serving as a liaison to provide access to deans beyond the once-a-year meeting with the OFDD

Engage the broader University community in diversity efforts by:

  • Creating opportunities for sustained dialogue about diversity within departments and schools
  • Attending monthly FDO meetings
  • Reporting on routine and innovative school activities
  • Helping to develop and participating in two workshops each year and the University of Rochester’s Annual Diversity Conference

For questions about the Office for Faculty Development and Diversity of the Faculty Diversity Officers, please contact us at 273-2760

Maintained by Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity

Each school has appointed two Faculty Diversity Officers.

Ex Officio Members include:

Faculty Diversity Officer

Annual Retreats

2016: “Diversity Engagement Survey Data Dive” with guest speaker and facilitator, Deborah Plummer, Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion from the University of Massachusetts. Schools/units will have an opportunity to collaborate and develop goals and strategies for change for the 2016-2017 academic year and beyond

2015: “Branding URself as a Diversity Officer” with guest speakers, Kevin McDonald, RIT’s VP and Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion,  Valerie Alhart and Peter Iglinski from University Communications, and Jon Alhart from Dixon Schwabl

2014: “Digging Beneath the Surface”, with guest speaker Joy Collins. We focused on learning the specific skills of Influencing to create dialogue and buy-in at individual schools, and building an increased sense of team among the seasoned and new Faculty Diversity Officers and allies.

2013: “Building a Diversity Strategic Plan,” invitees included a large group of UR diversity allies, and consultant Sue Piotrowski from Badfish consulting led the discussions.

2012: “Strategies for Implementing Change Using the Critical Incidents Model” with Daryl Sharp and Nancy Ares

2011: “The Art of Leadership: Changing the Conversation,” “Managing Change: Enlightened Approaches for Challenging Times,” and “Power & Politics: Unspoken Yet Essential Tools for Leaders” with guest speaker with Stephen P. Bogdewic, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Professional Development.

2010: “Visioning the Future” with consultant Sue Piotrowski from Badfish Consulting.

2009: Intercollegiate Diversity Agora (Local area colleges joined together to brainstorm collaboration opportunities)

2008: “Leadership and Diversity” with Clay Osborne and Peter Szilagyi re: Mentoring