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Fall Research Conference

Title: "Growing the Next Generation of Community-Based Researchers"
Date: October 28, 2014

The theme of this year's research conference was "Growing the Next Generation of Community-Based Researchers".  The keynote speakers wereBarbara Israel, PhD, professor at University of Michigan School of Public Health and Principal Investigator of the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center and Zachary Rowe, Executive Director of Friends at Parkside.  The conference objectives:

  • To understand key principles of community-based research taking place here at Rochester and nationally
  • To appreciate the impact of community-based research within the University and community
  • To showcase successful community-based research projects and provide a platform to develop new partnerships

Format of Day:

12:00-1:30 Lunch and Keynote
Title: "Community-Based Participatory Research and the Detroit Urban Research Center: Engaging Diverse Partners"

Presenter: Barbara Israel, PhD and Zachary Rowe, BBA.  

Comprehensive and participatory approaches to health research and interventions that equitably engage community partners are needed to have a broader and more sustained effect on health. The purpose of this session is to describe and analyze one such partnership approach – community-based participatory research (CBPR).  This presentation will begin with a discussion of the rationale for, definition, and key principles of CBPR, and will provide examples of how the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center (Detroit URC) has put CBPR into practice. The Detroit URC, established in 1995, is a CBPR partnership which builds upon the strengths of the diverse communities involved, in order to conduct etiologic research, health promotion and education interventions, and policy advocacy aimed at understanding and addressing health inequities. This presentation will also describe:  the goals, structure and overall accomplishments of the Detroit URC; key components and findings from one of its CBPR affiliated partnerships; and strategies designed to foster and support new collaborative research efforts. An analysis will be presented of the lessons learned and recommendations for conducting CBPR.

1:45-3:00pm Breakout Sessions
Three concurrent sessions, details of each are below.

Breakout Session 1: "UR Connections: Resources and Funding"
Panelists include: Beth Olivares, Dean for Diversity; Glenn Cerosaletti, Director Rochester Center for Community Leadership; Kelley O’Donoghue, Director, Office of Human Subjects Protection; and Jessica Guzman-Rea, Director, Intercultural Center.  Moderated by Cindy Gary, Assistant Dean for Grants in School of Engineering

A panel session to include University of Rochester faculty and staff that will provide funding opportunities, tools, and expertise to enhance proposal submissions.  Take advantage of existing programs on campus and best practice guidance as you prepare to launch your community-based project.

Breakout Session 2: "System Dynamics Group Model Building as a Method for Implementing Collective Impact"
Presenters: Kristen Hassmiller, PhD, Research Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill; Ann Marie White, EdD, Assistant Professor at University of Rochester; and Leah Frerichs, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow at University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. (Coauthors: Dorothy Cilenti, Steve Orton). 

Tired of generating lists of key factors with community stakeholders and wondering what to do next?  University-community partnerships often strive to engage multiple stakeholders to achieve a collective impact and sustainable change on complex social problems.  This workshop will introduce approaches for discussing and diagramming community perspectives on causes and consequences of complex problems in a manner that supports collaborative decision-making on actions to take.  Workshop participants will explore specific practices such as group model building. They will begin to learn how to apply and integrate established mixed methods to facilitate, and study, the collective impact of their partnerships in communities.

Breakout Session 3: "Patient Centered Outcome Research: Engaging the Community"
Panelists includes: Ray Dorsey, MD, Professor of Neurology, Director of Center for Experimental Therapeutics; Kevin Fiscella, MD, Professor of Family Medicine; Supriya Mohile, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine; and Ellen Poleshuck, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry.

Patient centered outcomes research emphasizes patient and other stakeholder participation in developing evidence based information to guide healthcare decisions. Learn how University of Rochester researchers are engaging patients and other relevant stakeholders in designing and executing research plans that address a range of healthcare issues.  Dr. Dorsey studies Telemedicine and Parkinson Disease, Dr. Fiscella studies HIV Treatment Disparities, Dr. Mohile studies Improving Communication for Chemotherapy; and Dr. Poleshuck studies the use of Care Navigation for Disadvantaged Women with Depression.

3:00-5:00pm  Poster Session

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