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Previous Years E-card Messages

Thanks to all that wrote a thank you e-card in previous years.

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Kyle J. Mason from ISD says

Thank You to Dave Stempien

This has been a great opportunity for me, and I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the networking team for giving me a great place to work!


Debra Kloesz from School of Nursing says

Thank You to Grace Wlacowicz

Grace, Your guidance and support have brought me to a new Place in my professional life. Teaching has been a tremendous experience for me and a wonderful way to add to my 34 year career. I will never be able to thank you enough!!


Anne-Marie Algier from Office of the Dean of Students says

Thank You to Nancy Specht

Nancy- I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I respect and admire you as a colleague. You are a dedicated professional who knows how to break through the obstacles to get things done. I have learned a great deal from observing you tackle difficult challenges with intelligence, patience, and perseverance. Even though you are incredibly busy you have never denied me help when asked. Thank you for being an awesome mentor!!!! -Anne-Marie


Therese Cottrell FNP from Center for Perioperative Medicine says

Thank You to Mary Ellen Kunz NP


Sandra Quinones from Teaching & Curriculum says

Thank You to Nancy Ares

MIL GRACIAS, A THOUSAND THANKS would not be enough... Thank you, NANCY ARES, for being a kind, generous, and intellectually challenging advisor, mentor, and dissertation chair. I am grateful that you have guided me and provided the necessary support for me to gain confidence in myself as a woman, researcher and writer...your ongoing source of "water" has helped me to "blossom" along this path of "doctoral avenue". Thank you again! Sandra Q.


Clifford Andre Pierre from School of Medicine says

Thank You to G. Edward Vates, MD, PhD

I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Vates for being a mentor to me for the past 3 years. In the time I worked with him, I admire him as the consummate professional. He has given me guidance and advice on a personal and professional level that has been instrumental in my growth as a medical student preparing to be a healthcare professional. His wisdom and knowledge about everything from neurosurgery to fine delicacies of food is exemplary. I take great pride and know that I am blessed to have him as a mentor, and hope I can one day make an impact to someone else the way he has done to me as I aspire to become a neurosurgeon. He consistently makes himself available to his students, to listen and encourage them to pursue their desired interests. His unique sense of humor brings a compassionate and warm smile to those he encounters. While I can never thank him enough, I want him to know that I am truly grateful for his leadership by example as he continuously demonstrates excellent qualities as a physician, researcher, teacher, friend, and above all, his role as a mentor.


Roji Gurung from 83400 says

Thank You to Barbara Greles

Dear Barb, Thank you so much for all the guidance and advice you gave me during my initial months as a RN. They have been monumental in helping me grow as student and a professional. Sincerely, Roji


Kara Sugar-DeFelice from OR says

Thank You to Diane Szpiler

I wanted to thank a very special person, Diane Szpiler. I started working with Diane about nine years ago in the OR on the cardiac team, since she has seasoned into our nurse educator. During our span together she has always been encouraging, given me inspiration, and motivation, and above all supported my professional goals. Her knowledge base is vast making her an irreplaceable asset, not only to me, but to many of our staff members. Throughout our history together we've grown from preceptor, to peer, to mentor. She continues to support me during my latest venture back to school, and I know she will actively take part in my educational process over these next few years. I am so fortunate to have Diane as a mentor, but even more fortunate that she is my friend.


Dan Gorman from History (undergraduate student) says

Thank You to Hilary Glen

Dear Hilary, Thank you for being my cello teacher at Eastman these past two years. You've helped instill a real musical work ethic in me, and shown me how to make the cello "sing" in ways I never imagined. Looking forward to many more lessons, Dan


Feng (Johnson) Qian from Anesthesiology says

Thank You to Dr. Laurent G. Glance

Dear Larry, Many thanks for your mentoring, guidance, and support during the past 1.5 years! Thank you so much for encouraging me to think deeper and to be more productive in research. I am very grateful and fortunate to have you as my mentor. Wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year! Best regards, Johnson


Safi from Immunology says

Thank You to Andrea Bottaro

Dear Andrea, I would like to take advantage of Mentor day and express my gratitude to you. I really appreciate your help in providing me with proper guidance to improve my scientific thinking. Sincerely, Safi Moshkani


Yuzhe Xiao from The Institute of Optics says

Thank You to Govind P. Agrawal

I am truly grateful to you for what you have done. Your guidance makes me go far and do things differently.


Shari Gnolek from Provost Office says

Thank You to Maggie Kearney

Thanks for being willing to help me get a off to a great start at the University of Rochester. I look forward to learning from your experience. I hope you realize what you have signed up for! :)


Brittany Huber from Pediatrics says

Thank You to Richard Aslin

Dr. A has been an exceptional mentor since I declared my BCS major. From cultivating my interest in cognitive development with his enthusiasm and passion for research and teaching, to my post-graduate job search, Dr. A has been incredible. Thank you for always being available to guide me with your wisdom and insight. Thanks again, Brittany


Imran Uraizee from says

Thank You to Dr. Burns Blaxall

Before I was even officially a Rochester medical student, you took time from your busy schedule to learn about my academic interests and introduce me to opportunities at URMC. You have provided valuable, honest advice and taken a genuine interest in my professional development. I am very fortunate. Thank you!


Mark Peacock from Social Work And Patient & Family Services says

Thank You to Barb Anderson

Dear Barb, thank you for your 3+ years of patient and intelligent mentoring and collaboration as I was learning the ropes at URMC. The projects we completed together, guided by your decades of experience and exceptional insight, I'll remember as among my most challenging and rewarding work experiences. All the best your new program. ~Mark


Yufeng Dong from Orthopaedics says

Thank You to Matthew Hilton

Dear Dr.Hilton: I have sincerely appreciated the time that you have spent with me in past several years for my research and grant application writing. Given your very busy schedule, I know that it was not always easy or convenient for you to meet with me and yet you gave so very generously of your time, knowledge and patience. I have learned so much from you that it is difficult to put into words how grateful I have been for your help. Everything that I have learned from you will help me to create a successful research project and carreer in the future. Once again, thank you for your time and assistance. Sincerely, Yufeng Dong Research Assistant Professor Center for Musculoskeletal Research Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation University of Rochester School of Medicine


Imran Uraizee from says

Thank You to Dr. Charles Lowenstein

Thank you for your enthusiastic mentorship and helping me develop my academic interests. A medical student like me is very fortunate to have such great support!


Cheryl Carmichael from Clinical & Social Sciences in Psychology says

Thank You to Harry Reis

Dear Harry, Thank you for your support, guidance, friendship, and willingness to share your knowledge with me. It has meant so much to me over the years, both professionally and personally. I could not have hoped for more in a mentor! With gratitude, Cheryl


Peter Benson from Anesthesiology says

Thank You to Dr Denham Ward

Dear Dr Ward: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind mentorship over the years. Your guidance has been a beacon of light. Sincerely, Peter Benson


Jennifer Taylor from LLE Admin says

Thank You to Kathie Freson

Kathie, No words can ever describe how much you've helped me grow over the years. You've been an amazing boss and friend. So much of where I am today is thanks to your support and encouragement. This is one small way that I can recognize that. Thank you, Jennifer


Youssef Farhat from Biomedical Engineering says

Thank You to Hani Awad

Dear Hani, Thank you so much for your guidance and support as I move forward in my training. I look forward to the coming years as we uncover some of the mysteries of tendon healing... or discover some new ones : ) It's been great working with you. Sincerely, Youssef Ps. Alaa says thank you too! 


Jan Opalach from Voice and Opera says

Thank You to Katherine Ciesinski

Dear Katherine, Many thanks for your initiative and guidance in my tenure ship journey. I look forward to relying on your past experiences and future advice as I travel forward as a teacher and pedagogue at Eastman. Sincerely, Jan


Jan Opalach from Voice and Opera says

Thank You to Russell Miller

Dear russell, Many thanks for your wisdom and guidance these past two years. I look forward relying on your academic experience as I work towards my advancements at ESM and U of R. sincerely, Jan


Camille A. Martina from Community & Preventive Medicine says

Thank You to Bernard Weiss

Thank you Bernie for your intellectual support and insights as well as your assistance and expertise in teaching me how to write articles that are strong, clear and concise without compromising on elegance and style. I am grateful and fortunate to have you as one of my mentors.


Paul Del Prato from Brain and Cognitive Sciences says

Thank You to Bradford Mahon

Dear Brad, You've mentored me for about a year now, and all you receive is this lousy "e-thank you." But nonetheless, I've really appreciated the opportunity to work alongside you, to see the passion in your work, and develop my own. I look forward to what the future has in store... Now go thank your mentor!


Ioannis Zampetakis from Biomedical engineering says

Thank You to Benjamin Danziger

Thank you very much for bring my mentor so far and for your help in mt fits semester of college!!!!!!!


Yuanheng Li from ECO says

Thank You to Alyssa Shoup

Hi, Alyssa! Thank you very much for those talks with me throughout last semester. It was a lot of help for my English practice. I'm sorry that I missed the last meeting. Hope you have a great year! Li


Julie Buehler from University Information Technology says

Thank You to Frederick Jefferson

Thank you for encouraging me to think deeper and to be even bolder in my pursuits. You have challenged my assumptions and ways of thinking and I have grown as a result. You are a role model and regularly demonstrate a commitment to the success of others. I offer you my deepest appreciation.


Patti Pascarella from College Dean's Office-AS&E says

Thank You to Rick Magere

Rick, Although it's been a few years, the lessons of a good teacher are never forgotten. Thank you for your patience and for taking me under your wing. Best, Patti


Lottye Albert from Surgery says

Thank You to Janice M. Holland

A very special "Thank You" to my awesome mentor Janice Holland! God has allowed our paths to cross for such a time as this. I appreciate all you have enrooted in me professionally and spiritually to become a confident and successful professional today. You have taught me the importance of life-long learning and not settling for less. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.


Veena Ganeshan from Neuroscience says

Thank You to Dr. Nina Schor

Dr Schor is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege of working with. I would like to thank her for accepting me as a student in her lab in 2007 to pursue my Doctoral research. She has been an incredible role model. Her knowledge and love for science combined with humility is truly inspiring. I came into the lab with a background in engineering with a desire to pursue Neuroscience and specifically cancer research. She was always understanding of the extra time I needed to learn molecular biology and techniques. She has been supportive of my ideas and helped me develop boundaries and critical thinking in my research. Thank you for your patience, support, help, humor and all your encouragement.


Megan Harvey from nursing - Burn/Trauma ICU 3-1800 says

Thank You to Marie Borelli

Marie took me under her wing during my last sememster of nursing school when I did an internship on the Burn Trauma ICU. She not only spent a great deal of time and patience teaching me how to care for ICU patients, but she also made sure she introduced me to all the other nurses and included me in her social conversations. She also taught me that a good orientee comes in and gets a cup of coffee for herself AND her preceptor. ;) When I graduated, I took a job there and Marie continued to be my "work mother" -- always checking on me to see how things were going both professionally and personally. She taught me how to have fun at a very serious job and how to give empathetic care to people in very sad situations without getting emotionally burned out. Her patients loved her, her co-workers loved her, and I am quite sure I wouldn't be the nurse I am today without her guidance. She is greatly missed on the BTICU. Thank you Marie! You were a great mentor!


Wilbert Law from Clinical and Social Science in Psychology says

Thank You to Andy Elliot

Thank you for all your mentoring and guidance all these years. You play a very important part in my career and life development. THANK YOU!


Anthony R. Pisani, Ph.D. from Psychiatry and Pediatrics says

Thank You to Pieter LeRoux, DLittetPhil

I wish to thank Dr. Pieter LeRoux. I have learned many things from Dr. LeRoux. Among them is his ability to perceive the long-view when it comes to program development. He has a deep, almost uncanny, appreciation of “The Program” as an organic entity—an entity with a life apart from and above any one person’s role in it. He viscerally feels the obligation and privilege we all have as stewards of that living entity. He approaches this stewardship with reverence and humility. As a junior faculty member, I have benefited from Dr. LeRoux's leadership and mentorship in innumerable ways. For example, he built an innovative behavioral health service at Rochester General Hospital. When I joined this service as a trainee and later as a faculty member, he generously and selflessly shared his experience, and gave me explicit permission to apply my energy and creativity to the foundation he had built. Like he does with all trainees and with the faculty, he set me up to succeed—pleased to have my contributions recognized and unconcerned with garnering credit for creating the conditions that made them possible. Likewise, when my career focus began to shift to suicide prevention, he advised and launched me with help and advice that promoted my success. | Dr. LeRoux has also helped me develop as an educator. He is a master in classroom and at "bedside." The most notable experience I had with him in this regard was observing his leadership of a live supervision team. Watching Dr. LeRoux supervise behind one-way mirror was a true privilege. The therapists (all licensed professionals—2 psychiatrists, 1 nurse, 2 psychologists) had a range of family therapy skill and experience. Dr. LeRoux managed to meet each supervisee at his/her growth edge, challenging and inspiring them to the next level while making feel safe enough to take risks and accept the challenge. This was one (and not the only) time when I realized I was in the presence of a true master educator. | Thank you for all you have taught me, Dr. LeRoux.


Anthony R. Pisani, Ph.D. from Psychiatry and Pediatrics says

Thank You to Susan H. McDaniel, PhD

I wish to thank Dr. Susan McDaniel. I came to the University of Rochester largely because of her reputation as a pioneer in collaborative family health care. In the ten years since then, Dr. McDaniel has been a wise and supportive mentor. Dr. McDaniel is the consummate mentor. She is knowledgeable, sensitive, and respectful. Generous with her time, she proactively seeks ways to promote career development for those she mentors. Mentees benefit directly from her activities in national and international arenas. For example, when she returns home from a policy panel or international consulting trip, she regularly emails her mentees and colleagues with a detailed account of what she learned from the trip, and her assessment of the opportunities to advance the field. This kind of explicit attention to sharing what she has learned, and making it accessible for the benefit of junior colleagues, reveals a kind of academic noblesse oblige that the most honorable intellectuals possess. Dr. McDaniel excels at the delicate and subtle aspects of mentorship. She is gentle, incisive, and good-humored in helping mentees discover untapped strengths and potential blind spots. Dr. McDaniel develops a foundation of interpersonal safety for exploring the intersection of personal and professional life by consistently demonstrating her support, commitment, and respect. I do not know how she can pay attention at so many levels, while accomplishing so much, but she has an uncanny ability to perceive the emotional or interpersonal heart of a professional dilemma, and articulate it such a way that it unlocks potential for growth. Thank you for your support, Dr. McDaniel.


Woong Y Hwang from Neuroscience says

Thank You to Dr. Gail VW Johnson

Gail, Thank you for your mentorship throughout my undergraduate in Rochester. You have taught me not only knowlege in science, but also disciplines as needed to become true scientist. Happy Mentor Day :)


Holly Russell from Family Medicine says

Thank You to Colleen Fogarty

Colleen, Thank you for your mentorship. Thank you for your flexibility, patience, humor and skill. Thank you for advocating for me and for being someone I can always go to for brainstorming through any roadblocks that come my way. Thank you for being such a great role model as a family doctor and an educator. Sincerely, Holly


Holly Russell from Family Medicine says

Thank You to Jennifer Carroll

Jen, Thank you for being such a great mentor. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Healthy Living Program and all the good things that go along with it. I had a lot of anxiety about embarking upon a qualitative research project without any previous experience, but you have made the developement and application process so much smoother. Thank you for the many hours you spent reviewing my protocol and for all of your thoughtful comments. Sincerely, Holly


Kimberly Fernandes from Neuroscience says

Thank You to Richard Libby

Thank you for your enthusiasm, encouragement and most of all your optimistic outlook towards science. Your passion for science is very contagious. Thank you also, for investing so much time and effort in my growth as a scientist.


Jennifer Barlow from Department of Biology says

Thank You to James Ison

This note is to thank Jim Ison for taking me into his lab to do research as an undergraduate (1991). I changed my major from chemical engineering to psychology, largely because I wanted to be able to take his Sensation and Perception class. Later that year I applied to do independent research, and Jim took me on. I did my senior honors thesis with him, and then he helped me get a tech job at Rochester while I applied to graduate school in neuroscience. I went on to get a PhD in Neuroscience from Mount Sinai Medical Center, and am now teaching faculty at UMASS Amherst in the Biology Department, a job I love. What I remember most about Jim and his lab, was that I had found an academic home on campus and someone who was invested in my success. He taught me a lot about neuroscience and good research....Peter the grad student helped me with my biochemistry homework....and Jim let me use his office and computer at night to write my papers and do my homework... and play his Ella Fitzgerald CDs. He remains the single most important influence in my academic success.


Karla Hatley from Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network says

Thank You to Catherine Thomas

Catherine, Thank you so much for your genuine concern of my well-being and professional aspirations. You are a true role-model that I look up to. Our Mentoring relationship has encouraged me to be the best that I can be. Your experience and insight has been motivation for me to strive for excellence in all that I do. Thanks again for everything. Karla Hatley


Pam Spallacci from Learning Assistance Services says

Thank You to Dr. William Watson

Hi Bill, How can I not think of you with today being "Thank your Mentor Day". I am grateful that it was you that introduced me to what I believe is the calling to my professional life, and answer to "what do you want to be when you grow up"? The road there had, what I thought a few bumps, yet your belief in my ability invited me to take a closer look at myself. I was just scared, and didn't quite realize what I am capable of. Family Therapy takes time to learn, especially if you want to do it well. I am glad it was you that watched me move through my doubts, and challenged me to hang in there, wrapping up my training with confidence in myself, and excitement to start what is only the beginning!!! You are honest, real, insightful, ridiculously bright, and overflowing with talent. Your ability to help families in crisis is incredible to watch, and will remain in a place within me that I can revisit whenever I need to. The field of Marriage and Family Therapy became even better the day you decided to pursue it's studies. Forever grateful, forever a fan.... Pam Spallacci


Karen Henderberg from MCFO Construction Renovation Group says

Thank You to Mark Schwartz

Mark, Thank you for all your support. Encouraging me to take initiative, communicate, and grow. You lead by example with poise, solid work ethic, possessing business and political acumen with a sense of humor. I learn and gain perspective…each time I have an opportunity to work with you. Again... Thank you.


Mary Kathryn Shanahan RN BSN CCRN from Highland Hosptial ICU/PCU says

Thank You to Barbara A. McLean, MN, RN, CCRN, CCNS, CRNP, FCCM

Barbara, Your teachings have had a profound impact on both my nursing career as well as but the manner in which I teach student nurse. I have joined you on your quest to make all nurse "perfusionists" and "Krebs' junkies"! Barbara, you make us connect physiology to nursing process. Thank you for sharing your gait of insight, combined with your entertaining and humorous delivery to teach us all. I remained stunned by your dedicated care of the victims in Haiti. We are grateful for your positive representation of our profession! You are one powerful nurse! Know that we stand in awe and support of you!


Mary Kathyrn Shanahan RN BSN CCRN from Highland Hosptial ICU/PCU says

Thank You to Catherine T. Milne, APRN, MSN, BC, CWOCN, Bristol Hospital Wound, Ostomy, Lymphedema Center, Advanced Practice Nurse, 842 Clark Avenue, Bristol, CT 06010

Thank you for your passion for patients, your detailed research and your dedication to excellence. Your teachings continue to influence my delivery of care as well as the nurses on my units. Your brilliance is far reaching!


Christine Quinn from Healthy Living Center, Center For Community Health says

Thank You to Richard Moxley, III M.D.

I would like to give heartfelt thanks to Dr. Moxley for being a mentor to me for the 7 years I spent in neuromuscular disease research. On a personal and professional level he gave me guidance and advice which has served me greatly; but perhaps more importantly he led by example and demonstrated the many traits that make him a exemplary teacher, compassionate and skilled clinician, and respected leader in the medical community. He taught me the importance of pausing and reflecting, considering other perspectives (not just my own), and the skill of working sucessfully with people from multiple disciplines. He fostered my growth as a professional and individual, and I am very grateful for having the priviledge of working with him.


Sergiy Nadtochiy from Anesthesiology says

Thank You to Paul Brookes

I wish to express my sincere congratulations on The Mentor Day and best wishes of further success in your work and of personal happiness.


Claire Wang from ECON&MTH says

Thank You to Tanya Strachan

Dear Tanya, Thank you so much for your generous help during last semester. You really helped me a lot when I first come to this school! You helped me in admission, transfer credit evaluation, housing, course all areas of learning and living at UR. Without your help, I cannot be adapted to the life here so quickly and smoothly! Please know that you've touched me in a very special way. Wish you happy everyday! Keep in touch.


Claire Wang from ECON&MTH says

Thank You to Mark Aguiar

Dear Professor Mark Aguiar, Thank you for all your great teaching and kind help in ECO268 last semester! Thanks to your clear speaking and logical teaching, I got to understand the course material quickly in my first semester here. Please know that your good teaching, patient answering and humorous joking in class are greatly welcomed by us students. Wish you great success!


Claire Wang from ECON&MTH says

Thank You to Kurt Wojdat

Dear Professor Wojdat, Thank you so much for your excellent teaching and generous help all last semester. I am so lucky that I chose two courses taught by you, from which I got an overall understanding of financial accounting and corporate finance.// One thing I still remembered was that once I was not able to take the exam on time due to the delay of the flight. You emailed me back immediately and told me it would not be a problem and I could still take the exam when I was back. I arrived an hour later, and you waited for one hour until 10pm! I was deeply impressed at that time.// I really appreciate all you did for us students. Please know that you opened a door for me to enter into finance and you have touched me in a very special way. Thank you so much, Professor Wojdat!// Wish you a happy and prosperous new year!


Claire Wang from ECON&MTH says

Thank You to Shannon Starr

Dear Professor Shannon Starr, I really appreciate all your sincere help in MTH210 last semester! Through your excellent teaching and clear handwriting, I got to know the basic knowledge of financial mathematics and important theories of capital market. Thank you for all your teaching and help! Wish you a successful new year!


Ronnie Guillet from Pediatrics says

Thank You to Dale Phelps

Dale, You have been a very special mentor! I continue to learn from you. I hope I can do as much for others who follow.


Keith Van Nostrand from Biochemistry & Biophysics says

Thank You to David Mathews

Dear Dave, Thank you so much for everything you have done over the last six years. You left it up to me to set the direction, and your thoughtful guidance has always been helpful in those instances where I had reached the end of my understanding. Your input as my mentor has helped me to build my way of thinking about science. Your teaching and advice has helped me become a more positive thinker, and with this I have been able to understanding the value of every effort made as a graduate student. Sincerely, Keith Van Nostrand


Cathy Adams from CEIS says

Thank You to Jacquie Shellman

Jacquie, You have been a role model for me as I wove my way through my various administrative roles during my 18 years in Geriatrics. You were always there to counsel, guide and support me. You lead by example - a quality I strive for in myself. Thank you. You are so good at what you do! Cathy


Vivian Lewis from says

Thank You to David Guzick, MD, PhD

Thank you for mentoring me about leadership and research. You always managed to keep me grounded in what can practically be accomplished while helping me towards bigger goals.


Camille A. Martina from Community & Preventive Medicine says

Thank You to Shanna Swan

Thank you for your time, support, encouragement and intellectual discussions about the challenges and opportunities in academia. I value what you have taught me through your science, courage and leadership. Best wishes for continued success.


David Jacobowitz from Psychiatry says

Thank You to Dr. Robert Weisman

I think the definition of a mentor is someone who not only takes a beneficent interest in your career or education, but through whose mentorship, you become a better person. It is perhaps even more special when mentoring is not imposed through a formal artifice, but arises autochthonously where needed. Thanks, RW!


Kurt Zeller from Provost Office says

Thank You to Frederick Jefferson

Thank you Frederick, you have been a mentor to me!