Energy Research Initiative

The 5th Energy for the 21st Century Symposium

Was Held on FRIDAY MAY 1, 2015 in Goergen Hall 

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9:30 AM  Join us for coffee in the Atrium

10:00 AM Professor Robert Enick, University of Pittsburgh

11:00 AM Professor Peter Vollhardt, Berkeley

LUNCH and POSTERS in the Atrium

1:35 PM Dr. Safa Motesharrei, University of Maryland, Systems Scientist at SESYNC

2:35 PM Coffee and Dessert in the Atrium

3:00 PM University of Rochester NSF IGERT Fellows on their Solar Energy Outreach in Africa






Took Place On MARCH 15, 2013


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Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 4th ENERGY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY SYMPOSIUM. The Symposium was held March 15, 2013 in The Robert B. Goergen Hall on the University of Rochester's River Campus. The Symposium began at 11:00 AM with an informational meeting for prospective IGERT students and their advisors, followed by lunch and a poster session in the atrium at 11:45. Rounding out an afternoon of speakers was our own "Pioneer" IGERT students, with a presentation of their incredible trip to Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, and what they taught and learned while there. The Symposium ended with a wine & cheese reception at 5:00 PM. The schedule was as follows:

11:00 AM:  Information session for prospective IGERT students and their advisors. IGERT Director, Professor Matt Yates, IGERT Program Coordinator, Vicki Heberling and IGERT Students. Sloan Auditorium.

11:45–12.55 Lunch and Poster Session. Munnerlyn Atrium

All Speakers in Sloan Auditorium (Goergen 101)

1:00             Dr. Kenneth Reed

Chief  Technology Officer for Cerion Energy, Inc

Building a start-up materials science company, Cerion Enterprises,LLC, and its first product offering: a nano-particle diesel combustion catalyst called GO2

1:50             Dr. Jonathan Davies

Research Associate at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester 

Nuclear Energy - fission and fusion power for the 21st century and beyond 

2:40             Zhiji Han 

Graduate Student, Eisenberg/Holland/Krauss Collaboration, University of Rochester 

Robust Photogeneration of H2 in Water Using Semiconductor Nanocrystals and a Nickel Catalyst 

3:30             Professor Thomas Trabold 

Associate Professor in the Golisano Institute for Sustainability, and Director of the Center of Sustainable  Mobility at RIT

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Sustainable Energy Production: Stationary, Transportation and Auxiliary Power Applications

 4:15             Meet the IGERT Students

 4:30             Lenore Kubie, Rebecca Berman, Dan Williams, Chris Favaro

Pioneer IGERT Graduate Students, University of Rochester 

Teaching and Learning About Solar Energy in Ghana

5:00             Wine and Cheese Reception, Poster Session Continues.  Munnerlyn Atrium 

 Sponsored by The Energy Research initiative