Kalamazoo 1999: "The E-Classroom: Technology and Old English Pedagogy."

Sponsor: The ENGLISC-List.
Organizer: Melissa Bernstein, The University of Rochester, NY.
Presider: Bill Schipper, Memorial University, Newfoundland.

"The ENGLISC listserv relies heavily on interactive technology in advancing its goals: collaborative learning and composing in Old English. Listservs, online tutorials, and CD-ROM-based programs profer modes of interactive learning and teaching. These a pplications, and the methodologies that go hand in hand with them, are highly suitable for the classroom, where teaching (and learning) Old English can be made more "user-friendly" through electronic media. As we move into the age of the computerized hum anities classroom, this session aims to bring together interactive and/or pedagogical applications for Old English research and pedagogy, and demonstrate their usefulness in the graduate and undergraduate classroom."

Melissa Bernstein


"Old English Aerobics."
Peter Baker, University of Virgina.

"Towards a World-Wide Classroom for Old English: Teaching it on the Web at the University of Calgary."
Murray McGillivray, University of Calgary.

"Work in Progress: A History of the English Language Course on the Internet."
Suzanne Webb, Texas Woman's University.

This session should tie together the several aspects of work done consistently in Anglo-Saxon Studies: namely, teaching grammar, teaching literature, and teaching the History of the English language.

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