Projects in the Offing for the ENGLISC list

Current Projects on ENGLISC are the following:

  • As usual, compositions in Old English covering world events, to be posted on The New Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.
  • Winnig se Pu: portions of A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh have been batted about with great gusto on the net, inspired by the well-known Latin translation of same. We are still investigating copyright laws, and until we're clear on that, we can't publish any of these efforts.
  • The Saxon Chronicles translated into Old English. This is still in its early stages.
  • De Portentis is still officially being revised, although it has never been as popular as Winnie the Pooh or The Gettysburg Address.
  • An ever-growing lexicon of modern English terms in Old English ("president," "senate," "gun control" etc.). This would be useful in composing selections for the NASC.
  • The writings of Ceolstan se Unwritere, a name lovingly given to us, the collective group of engliscan writeras, who make many mistakes, recently identified as the scribe on the homepage. Translation is not the only goal of ENGLISC although a popular one, given that we have a common text to peruse. But we are the Englisc Composition List, and presumably we are also communicating in Old English, and composing in Old English. Ceolstan's Library was to be a compendium of original texts written in Englisc, possibly rewritten: suggested topics were Arthurian romances, Welsh romances, historical documents, or anything we thought a learned scribe in the late tenth or the eleventh century might know. This project had a few brave starts but has never been sustained.
  • A suggestion that inspired only a few remarks about vocabulary, (i.e., what is "movie" in Old English?): and that is that in conjunction with the NASC, or separately, we compose film reviews in Old English.
  • Various and miscellaneous attempts at poetry, riddles, limericks, and Saturnalia.
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