Past Course Offerings

Undergraduate Courses

College of Arts & Sciences

PSC 244KPolitics and Markets: Innovation and The Global Business Environment4.0Primo
AAS 277Alternative Energy Lab4.0Ebenhack
EAS 200K / CAS 200KEntrepreneurship: Tech Oriented Business (Spring)4.0Eastman / Zavislan
CAS 239K / PSC 239KNature of Entrepreneurship (Spring)4.0Primo
AH 305K / SA 305KArt New York Colloquium (Spring)4.0Cohen
ANT 310K / SOC 310KSocial Network Theory & Entrepreneurship I (Spring)4.0Smith / Silon
ANT 311K / SOC 311KSocial Network Theory & Entrepreneurship II6.0Smith
LIN 105KLanguage in Advertising (Spring)4.0Carlson
CAS 201KEntrepreneurial Product Development (Fall 06)4.0Boles
CSC 290KTopics in CSC: Software Engineering (Spring)4.0PawlicKi
ENG 380KOutlaw Heroes/Robin Hood (Fall 06)4.0Hahn
HIS 167K / REL 167KSpeaking Stones (Fall 07)4.0Homerin
ANT 281 / CHE 281Solving UR's Enviro-Footprint (Spring 2008)4.0McCabe / Tankel / Ebenhack / Fraser
BIO 104KEcosystem Conservation & Human Society4.0Minckley
ENT 227KEntrepreneurship in the Not-For-Profit Environment4.0Tobin

Eastman School of Music

ALC 211KIntroduction to Recording (Spring)1.0Smith
ALC 211KEntrepreneurship in Music (Spring)1.0Ricker
ALC 211KIntellectual Property & Law (Spring)1.0Durant
ALC 211KGrants 101: Arts & Culture (Spring)1.0Stover
ALC 211KGuide to Self Promotion (Spring)1.0Lapidus
ALC 211KTune In, Log On, and Drop Out (Spring)1.0Smith
ALC 211KGrants Practicum (Spring)1.0Sutherland
ALC 211KNew Skills, New Choices, New Careers for Mucisians (Spring)1.0Hahn
ALC 211KMusic Presentations that Connect:
How to Engage Your Audiences (Spring)
ALC 211KArts Media & Promotion1.0Brondyke / Blum
ALC 211KYou, Version 2.0: Digital Portfolio Creations (Spring)1.0Smith
ALC 211KPR and Development (Spring)1.0Robertson
ALC 211KCareer Skills for the 21st Century1.0Daly / Doser
ALC 211KLeadership Issues in Music (Fall 07, Spring)1.0Rossi
ALC 211KMusic Outreach: Performance, Master Classes &
Music Appreciation (Fall)
ALC 211KIndividual Grant Seeking (Fall 07)1.0Schwartz
ALC 211KIntroduction to Digital Portfolio Creation (Fall 07)1.0Smith
ALC 211KArts & Media Promotion: "Perfecting &
Pitching Your Message" (Fall 08)
ALC 211KIntroduction to Digital Music Creation (Fall 08)1.0Smith
ALC 211KGift & Grant Seeking1.0Stover
ALC 211KGrant Seeking and Proposal Writing1.0Futter
ALC 211KAdv Guide Digital Portfolio1.0Lapidus
ALC 211KEntrepreneurial Thinking1.0Doser
ALC 211KSpeak for Yourself1.0Stetzer
ALC 211KEssential Technology for Musicians1.0Reed
ALC 211KGift & Grant Seeking in the Non-Profit Arts World:
A Primer for Fundraising in the 21st Century
ALC 212KIntermediate Recording2.0Truebger
ALC 221KThe Musician in an Era of Global Diversity1.0Ciesinski / Koskoff
ALC 222KLeader to Leader2.0Cerosaletti
ALC 231KMusic Business: Booking & Playing a Real Gig1.0Trevino
ALC 231KOutreach: Sharing the Magic of Music (Fall 08)1.0Kodzas

Simon Business School

ENT 223Entrepreneurship, Planning and Growing a Business Venture4.0Tobin
ENT 225Technical Entrepreneurship4.0Pavia
ENT 227Entrepreneurship in the Not-for-Profit Environment4.0Tobin

Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

EAS 200KEntrepreneurship: Tech Oriented Business (Spring)4.0Eastman / Zavislan
CHE 290KEntrepreneurship and Sustainable Transportation (Spring)4.0McCabe / Ebenhack
EAS 201KEntrepreneurial Product Development (Fall 06)