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Cohort I


  BrandClub aims to create customized webpages for MBA students where users can upload information on themselves, showcase their projects, and access a variety of customizable features. The key to the project is allowing individuals to express their personal creativity and style, while maintaining the professional reputation of the BrandClub brand.


  CampusFly, a centralized event management platform, allows college communities to compile on- and off-campus event listings. With CampusFly, students need not worry about missing events, as they can filter their personal preferences and customize notifications. This platform also enables event organizers and businesses to bypass traditional marketing routes and appeal directly to their target audience.

CLO ONDemand

  CLO ONDemand is every frequent mover’s dream: an app and web platform that caters to the 37 million Americans who move each year by providing valuable information for their transition. The program organizes a packet of paperwork for the individual (such as change of address, change of car registration, pet licensing, driver’s license forms, etc.) and allows users to complete them efficiently sans stress.


  Utilizing the second harmonic generation signal of collagen in tandem with an endoscope, Endoptix aims to diagnose cancer in real time. Through the use of this technology, the team hopes to extend their diagnostic capabilities throughout the body, from the lower gastrointestinal tract to the brain.

NullSpace VR

  Capable of tracking a user’s movements, NullSpace VR is a multisystem platform used for environmental virtual reality. In other words, the system can translate physical movement into a virtually-constructed space and also provides haptic feedback when one comes in contact with a virtual object.


  As numbers of international students grow, more people are completing the application process. Applying is often facilitated through a helpful network of individuals, but the post-application/post-acceptance period can be frustrating and fruitless. PostApp allows these accepted international students to connect with U.S. programs – such as internships, travel opportunities, etc. – in the meantime, providing them with resources to jump start their American experience.


  ShipIT aims to streamline the shipping process by cross-referencing logistical services to find the fastest – and cheapest – option. Their major goal is to provide a significant efficiency boost to moving goods around the country.


  StaffWatch is a patent-pending invention that provides real-time staff hygiene analytics. To reduce food-borne illness, often caused by an infected person handling ingredients, the StaffWatch monitors staff hand washing using a system of RFiD, infrared, sound, and motion detectors.


  A sort of digital matchmaker, VisoWorld connects students to study abroad programs and vice versa. The simplified platform allows U.S. students to discover programs across the globe, while simultaneously providing program leaders with tools to recruit potential students and generate revenue.

Watermelon Ventures

  Watermelon Ventures is a VC fund that aims to provide a variety of resources to young startups. The team plans to create a network of MBA students from top universities – such as Harvard University and Stanford University – to facilitate easy communication and a wealth of opportunities for those just starting out in the business world.  


Cohort II


  The Everywhere Pen from 0Limits is an electronic instrument that can be used on any surface to control a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Users can click, write, and draw – anything they can do with a stylus on a touchscreen – without needing a touchscreen or additional equipment.


  ArmRay is a one-of-a-kind networking service that allows for interdisciplinary collaboration and shared information between experts, researchers, and students. By providing a secure and confidential social media site, ArmRay facilitates advancements in research procedures and discovery.

Blackout Games

  Blackout Games is an independent game studio and audio production team focused on developing audio-only horror video games. Their first creation, Sight Unseen, uses binaural audio and geometric reverb to create a world where players can interact and traverse the gamescape with their eyes closed.


  Utilizing the second harmonic generation signal of collagen in tandem with an endoscope, Endoptix aims to diagnose cancer in real time. Through the use of this technology, the team hopes to extend their diagnostic capabilities throughout the body, from the lower gastrointestinal tract to brain cancers.

LLE Fast Spectrometer

  LLE Fast Spectrometer aims to identify opportunities to utilize the spectrometer in areas other than high-energy physics. By increasing performance and speed of a spectrometer, the team will test this design as a replacement for more traditional and outdated technologies.

Pollinate Publicity

  Delivering quick and easy marketing to the University of Rochester’s River Campus is the main goal of Pollinate Publicity. Their comprehensive web platform allows event organizers to create flyers using an extensive predesigned template library. From there, users can browse an interactive map to select buildings to display their advertisements, sharing information in a simplified yet structured way.


  PriceNow uses data analytics and pricing principles to identify the best prices for target customers, maximizing revenue for small to medium businesses. Users will have access to a constant stream of figures from competition and information that assists with price integration from early on in the product life cycle.


  RoundUp is an online service that allows customers to round up any transaction to the nearest dollar, sending the extra proceeds to a predetermined charity. Businesses can download a web extension for maximum use.


  ScoliFit is a torso-positioning device that can aid in the creation of braces for adolescent scoliosis patients. In orthopedic clinics, orthoptists will use the invention in conjunction with an imaging system, one that uses a fraction of the radiation of a conventional x-ray.  


Cohort III


  AnesthEZ is a foot-controlled syringe pump, designed to improve the efficiency of clinical nerve block procedures. Currently, two anesthesiologists are required to perform the process, but with AnesthEZ, one physician can position the syringe pump and use the foot pedal to perform transversal motion, translating into positive and negative pressures that aspirate and dispense anesthetic.


  Nectar, a friendship-forming app, allows users to build connections through sport. Using a location-based system, individuals are able to see activity-based groups in their area or create their own; a group messaging platform helps solidify future plans.


  Learning to play the piano is made easier through KeyItRight, an app that uses a smartphone to record music being played on a piano. Once the recording is created, KeyItRight provides a complete transcription and highlights any mistakes, helping the student identify and correct errors immediately without teacher supervision.


  Scriber is a web platform designed to integrate into the three main stages of online transcription: uploading, transcribing, and editing. By maximizing the use of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, text editors can provide users with suggestions and corrections to help improve editing functions and performance.

VT: An Intelligent Assistant of Voice

  To “listen” and provide feedback to vocal practice sessions, a team created VT: An Intelligent Assistant of Voice. VT is an intelligent computational system that allows users to visualize their errors and receive a how-to guide for improving performance. The group behind VT aims to create a ripple effect of discovery and increase the education industry’s use of artificial intelligence.  


Cohort IV


  Vending machines are often filled with a mix of healthy options and junk food. To help sort through that combination, an app called Buending provides users with a list of nutritional information of a vending machine’s offerings (all obtained via a photo of the machine).


  ChoooChew is a mobile app that allows Amtrak train passengers to order food from restaurants along their route. Once the order is placed, it is delivered to the train as it arrives in the designated station.


  PULSE is a personal health monitor, conveniently located in a lightweight handheld unit. With PULSE, individuals can detect and monitor health conditions such as abnormal heart rhythms, asthma, and diabetes. According to its creators, PULSE signifies the evolution of personalized and prevention-centered healthcare.     Top ^