2016 New York Business Plan Competition Finger Lakes Region

nybpc-logo ELIGIBILITY AND RULES In order to be eligible to apply for and participate in both the Regional Contest and Statewide Final Competition, all teams must meet the following criteria:
  • Consist entirely of currently enrolled graduate and/or undergraduate students from accredited New York colleges and universities. Teams must indicate whether they consist of undergraduate or graduate students. Students who graduated during the Fall 2015 semester are still eligible to complete in the 2016 competition.
  • Consist of one (1) to a maximum of six (6) members, excluding the advisor
  • A faculty or staff member is required to be listed as an advisor for the team; offering guidance, support, and technical expertise
  • Students may not participate on more than one (1) team each year of the competition
  • Each entry must be submitted to only one (1) of the above six (6) categories, i.e. the same entry cannot be submitted to multiple categories (if the entry overlaps multiple categories, the team must choose one category to compete in based on the Track Definitions provided on the second page of the application).
  • All mobile apps must be entered in the Information Technology / Software category.
  • The judges reserve the right to move entries into another category that fits the business idea.
  • Cumulative public and private capital raised may not exceed $100,000. This does not include research funding that may have supported the development of the technology in an academic laboratory.
  • Student ownership of venture must be 100%
Download the 2016 Statewide Competition Rule Book