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Requesting Housing or Dining Accommodations

The University of Rochester recognizes that students who have a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities may need a specific type of housing arrangement or dining plan to fully participate in the U of R community. For these students, the U of R provides disability housing and dining accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADA AA) and other relevant laws.

To  request a housing or dining accommodation follow this 3-step process:

1. Prior to requesting an accommodation choose a meal plan and participate in the housing selection process. 

2. Complete a Request for Disability Housing or Dining Accommodations Form.

3. Return the form to the University Health Service with the following:

Timeline for requesting housing accommodations

Accommodation requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. It typically take around one week from the date all requested information is submitted to UHS to the date a letter is sent notifying the student of the decision. In order to best accommodate those students with requests related to housing, it is most helpful if

Newly admitted graduate and undergraduate students submit requests for housing accommodations by June 1st, and

Upperclassman and returned graduate students submit requests for housing accommodations by March 1st.

Reviewing the Request

Upon receipt of the required information a review of the request will be completed by professional staff in either University Health Service or the University Counseling Center in collaboration with the Office of Residential Life and Dining Services. After this review the request may (1) be approved (2) be denied or (3) a reasonable accommodation other than the specifically requested one may be suggested.

Whether a particular accommodation requested can be provided is determined case by case, according to documented need.

Decisions regarding housing and/or dining accommodations are made after a determination of:

Notification of Decision

After your request is reviewed you will receive a letter with the decision regarding your requested accommodation. The letter will outline which (if any) accommodations have been approved and any initial steps that need to be taken. If a requested accommodation has not been approved the letter will explain the rationale for the denial of the request and will describe approved alternative accommodations, if applicable.