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Requesting Transportation Assistance

The University of Rochester recognizes that students with disabilities (whether temporary or permanent) who live on campus may find it difficult to navigate our campus to get from their residence hall to classes. For these students, the U of R offers on-campus transportation assistance.


To request transportation assistance please follow the instructions for and complete the Application for Temporary or Permanent Disability Parking or Student Transportation Assistance. The completed form should be faxed to Michelle Livingston at585-756-0263.

Please note that the medical information provided by your healthcare provider in support of your application must demonstrate

i. a direct link between the underlying condition and your request for transportation assistance and

ii. has a description of the functional limitations of the disabling condition as they relate to the major life activity impacted by the diagnosis.

It is important that the documentation also includes the diagnosis, the history of onset, methods used to determine the diagnosis and the suggested accommodation.


Timeline for requesting transportation assistance

Accommodation requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. It typically takes around 2 business days from the date all requested information is submitted to UHS to the date a letter is sent notifying the student of the decision.

Reviewing the Request

Upon receipt of the required information a review of the request will be completed by professional staff in University Health Service (UHS). After this review the request may (1) be approved (2) be denied or (3) a reasonable accommodation other than providing transportation assistance may be suggested. Whether a particular accommodation requested can be provided is determined case by case, according to documented need.

Notification of Decision

After your request is reviewed you will receive a letter with the decision regarding whether you have been approved for transportation assistance. If you have not been approved the letter will explain the rationale for the denial of the request and will describe approved alternative accommodations, if applicable.