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Reporting Sexual Harassment

If you have experienced sexual harassment

If you believe you are a victim  of sexual harassment (which includes, among other behaviors, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking) there are several options available within the University to assist you with your physical and emotional needs and to support you in your work or learning environment. Some initial options include obtaining an Active Avoidance Order from UR Public Safety or the Center for Student Conflict Management to restrain the other party involved in the incident from contacting you. We can also assist in changing living and learning environments to restrict to possibility of future contact on campus. Any affected parties are encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator at 585-275-7814 or via e-mail at to explore these options and determine the best approach for you. This may include your completion of a proxy report which allows you to report some details of the incident without disclosing your name. You can access a proxy report here.

If you witness or learn of sexual harassment

If you have witnessed or have knowledge of any act which you believe constitutes sex based harassment,  please report the incident to the University by contacting the Title IX Coordinator or University Public Safety. When you make a report we can help in attending to the physical and emotional needs of those involved and take steps to ensure that our campus community is a safe and welcoming learning environment.

If you are not sure whether you want to make a full report, please consider completing a proxy report. Proxy reports are designed to allow those with knowledge of sex based harassment to report the incident without disclosing the name of the victim. You can access a proxy report here. 

The University of Rochester recognizes its right and responsibility to respond to complaints of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault. Therefore, any complaint alleging a violation of the College’s policy by students, faculty, administrators, staff, or campus visitors will be investigated by those entrusted to carry out the College’s policy. The College will respect the wishes of the victim to maintain confidentiality to the greatest degree possible. However, there are special circumstances in which the University must investigate and report on certain matters.