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The University of Rochester welcomes students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities to our campus. We strive to meet the needs of all qualified participants in our programs and services by providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities and connection to resources within the University.

Please visit the links see below for information on resources available that are specific to students, employees, visitors and teaching.

Disability Resources for Students

Disability Resources for Employees (Faculty and Staff)

Disability Resources for Visitors

Disability Resources for Related to Teaching Students with Disabilities

For information regarding requests for parking accommodations please click here.

The following University resources can assist students, faculty and staff with disabilities related concerns.

University Counseling Center
The University Counseling Center (UCC) provides a broad range of services to members of the University of Rochester community who pay the mandatory student health fee. Services include time-limited individual and couples therapy, group therapy, medication management, 24 hour crisis services, consultation, and educational presentations. Our therapists are licensed professionals and professionals-in-training from a variety of mental health disciplines. They employ many treatment approaches and draw upon a wide range of training and experiences in the field of psychotherapy.

University Health Service
Full-time students participate in the Student Health Program, which covers primary care visits to the University Health Service (UHS),
time-limited therapy at the University Counseling Center (UCC), and health promotion services. Employees and other members of the University community can choose a UHS physician as their primary care provider and come to UHS for their personal health care. UHS also provides occupational health care services for employees. All visits to UHS are confidential.

CARE Program
The primary goal of the CARE network is to effectively identify students in, or heading toward distress. We CARE about student success and rely on you – the eyes and ears of our University to help us make sure our students are supported.

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