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About the Candidates for the
2016 - 2017 Faculty Senate Election

Click on an individual’s name to see their profile.

Paul Audi - Philosophy, AS&E

Jean Bidlack - Pharmacology and Physiology, SMD

Eldred Chimowitz - Chemical Engineering, AS&E

John Covach - Music, AS&E

Colleen Davis - Emergency Medicine, SMD

Melina Esse - Musicology, ESM

Douglas Haessig - Mathematics, AS&E

David Hursh - Teaching & Curriculum, Warner

James Johnson - Political Science, AS&E

Jennifer Kruschwitz - Optics, AS&E

Feng Lin - Nursing, SON

Kevin McFarland - Physics, AS&E

Seth Monahan - Theory, ESM

Anne Nofziger - Family Medicine, SMD

Sarah Peyre - Surgery Education, SMD

Joseph Reis - Imaging Sciences, SMD

Michael Scott - Computer Science, AS&E

Dena Swanson - Counseling & Human Development, Warner

Edward Vates - Neurosurgery, SMD


This page last revised: March 25, 2016