University of Rochester

Senate Members 2012 to 2014

Executive Committee

Harry Groenevelt, Chair 275-2825
Michael Scott, Secretary 275-7745
Loisa Bennetto, 275-8712
Jean Bidlack, 275-5600
Eldred Chimowitz, 275-8497
Carmala Garzione, 273-4572
Joyce McDonough, 275-2895
Andrew Wall, 275-8039

Ex officio Members:
  • Joel Seligman, President
  • Ralph W. Kuncl, Provost
  • Maggie Kearney, University Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Thomas Krugh, Chair, AS&E Faculty Council
  • Jill Quinn, Chair, School of Nursing Faculty Council
  • Fay Young, Chair, Medical Faculty Council
  • Nicholas Bigelow, Immediate Past Chair of the Senate

    Terms Expire 2012

    Jean Bidlack*, Pharmacology & Physiology, SMD
    Eldred Chimowitz*, Chemical Engineering, AS&E
    Carmala Garzione, Earth & Env. Sciences, AS&E
    Susan Gustafson, Modern Lang. & Cultures, AS&E
    David Hursh, WARNER
    James Johnson*, Political Science, AS&E
    Wayne Lipschitz*, Dentistry, SMD
    John Markman*, Anesthesiology, SMD
    Kevin McFarland, Physics & Astronomy, AS&E
    Michael O'Reilly*, Pediatrics, SMD
    Roger Oskvig, Medicine, Highland Hospital, SMD
    Hyekyun Rhee, Nursing, SON
    Jeffrey Runner, Linguistics, AS&E
    Michael Scott, Computer Science, AS&E
    David Temperley*, Music Theory, ESM
  • Terms Expire 2013

    Bilal Ahmed, Medicine - Highland Hospital, SMD
    Richard Aslin*, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, AS&E
    Philippe Fauchet, Electrical & Computer Eng., AS&E
    Isabel Fernandez, Community & Preventative Med., SMD
    Roger Freitas, Musicology, ESM
    Krystel Huxlin, Ophthalmology, SMD
    Joyce McDonough*, Linguistics, AS&E
    Jean Pedersen, Humanities, ESM
    Irena Pesis-Katz, Nursing, SON
    Edieal Pinker, SIMON
    Christopher Stodgell, Obstetrics & Gynecology, SMD
    Melissa Sturge-Apple, Clinical & Social Psychology, AS&E
    John Tarduno, Earth & Environmental Science, AS&E
    Matthew Yates, Chemical Engineering, AS&E

    Terms Expire 2014

    Jacob Adams* , Community & Preventive Medicine, SMD
    Loisa Bennetto*, Clinical & Social Psychology, AS&E
    Anne Brayer*, Emergency Medicine, SMD
    Paul Brookes, Anesthesiology, SMD
    Richard Demme, Medicine and Humanities, SMD
    Sandhya Dwarkadas, Computer Science, AS&E
    Thomas Eickbush , Biology, AS&E
    Harry Groenevelt, Simon
    Ellen Koskoff, Musicology, ESM
    Amy Lerner*, Biomedical Engineering, AS&E
    Daniel Mendelson, Medicine-Highland Hospital, SMD
    Tatiana Pasternak, Neurobiology, SMD
    Chad Teeters, Cardiology-Highland Hospital, SMD
    Andrew Wall, Warner
    Jackie Williams , Radiation Oncology, SMD

    * Serving second consecutive term - ineligible for reelection

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