The Technology Development Fund

How It Works

Technology Development Fund

University research efforts often yield scientific breakthroughs that are not ready to be translated into real world applications. In an effort to bring the University of Rochester’s world-class research to life, UR Ventures has created the Technology Development Fund (TDF).

The TDF helps University researchers develop innovations to the point that they are ready for the marketplace. Funding, which supports technical and administrative staff salaries, equipment, and supplies (but not faculty members’ salaries or overhead), ranges from $40,000 to $100,000. Funded projects are expected to be completed within one year, but this period may be extended.

How To Get Involved

Become A Donor!

You can get involved by giving directly to the TDF. After making your gift, you will get updates on the progress of the cutting-edge research projects that are receiving funding through the TDF.


Please contact Omar Bakht for more details, or click below to go to our secure online giving form.

Case Study

Harris (Handy) Gelbard, professor in the neurology department and director of the Center for Neural Development and Disease, received a TDF Award for a project entitled, “IND-enabling preclinical safety testing for URMC-099.” Handy used this award to conduct toxicology studies in order to de-risk his compound, URMC-099. With the results of these studies in hand, UR Ventures was able to license the compound to WavoDyne Therapeutics.

“The TDF support allowed us to take our first step in the IND-enabling process for URMC-099, a novel mixed-lineage kinase inhibitor,” said Handy. “It was developed at the URMC with the help of funding from the University’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute and the National Institutes of Health. It shows great promise as an anti-inflammatory, neurorestorative, and cardioprotective drug.”

Technological Developments

Since the fall of 2010, we have funded 25 projects.

Over $1.7 million has been awarded to date.

The Technology Development Fund is funded by both internal funding and generous donations from friends of the University of Rochester.


    OMAR BAKHT Fund Manager

    Omar hopes to translate University of Rochester’s research efforts into the marketplace as well as invigorate the entrepreneurial community in the Greater Rochester area. He was attracted to and is encouraged by the innovative methods of technology commercialization being developed by UR Ventures.

  • Scott Catlin
    Scott Catlin Director of UR Ventures

    Scott Catlin is the Associate Vice President for Technology Ventures at the University of Rochester. Prior to joining the University, he provided legal and executive management guidance at Abbott Medical Optics for sales, regulatory, research & development, clinical, intellectual property, litigation, and compliance matters.