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Global Engagement

Intensive English Program

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Fall & Spring Sessions
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University of Rochester ONCAMPUS, part of the Cambridge Education Group, is proud to work in partnership with the University of Rochester to offer a high-quality English language program for UR newly admitted and matriculated international students. The IEP is open to both graduate and undergraduate students. This non-credit program offers modules from academic reading to critical and creative thinking with the aim of increasing academic confidence.

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River Campus/URMC Modules

Session #1: January 16, 2018 – March 9, 2018
Session #2: March 19, 2018 – May 11, 2018
coincides with UR main academic calendar (16 weeks)

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Our 16-week IEP divides into consecutive or stand-alone sessions of eight weeks. Session 2 focuses on employing skills at a greater depth to enhance critical analysis and academic confidence.

UR continuing students may enroll in as many or as few modules as they want.

University Success Seminar
3 hrs. per week
Provides students with the opportunity to develop, practice, and review study skills essential to success in American higher education. This module covers: workload management, plagiarism, research skills, independent study skills, journal logging, effective study habits, and academic etiquette.

Academic Speaking & Listening
3 hrs. per week
The Academic Speaking & Listening module provides students with opportunities to develop a range of speaking and listening skills required for academic success. Each session will include practical vocal workshops connecting voice with breath, pronunciation, articulation, resonance, and range. Active listening techniques are practiced in simulated academic situations; each workshop concludes with recorded exercises to deepen learning. Students are asked to keep a recorded spoken word journal to continually reflect upon and improve their progress.

Academic Reading
3 hrs. per week
Academic Reading enables students to master reading strategies such as scanning, skimming, making inferences and predicting in addition to acquiring familiarity and proficiency in intensive and extensive reading techniques. By the end of the module students will be able to apply purposeful reading strategies to a variety of academic texts by: identifying a writer’s stance, distinguishing between fact and opinion, differentiating between main ideas and supporting details, analysis and evaluation of textual purpose, and recognizing how textual cohesion and coherence contribute to meaning.

Academic Writing
3 hrs. per week
This module uses a supportive, process-based approach to develop students’ academic writing skills. By the end of the module students will be able to demonstrate their effective linguistic competence and critical thinking in academic writing assignments. Skills ranging from idea generation, planning, revision, and proofreading are developed in addition to improving grammatical accuracy and extending vocabulary range.

Creative & Critical Thinking
3 hrs. per week
This module helps students understand why critical and creative thinking skills are crucial to academic achievement and how to develop tools and techniques to actively acquire such skills through continuous personal reflection regarding academic engagement.


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Total cost includes an administration fee of $50.
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Find out more and Enroll Today! Complete the online Interest Form!