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Global Engagement

Global Visitor Program FAQ

  • How do I receive an Offer Letter in order to secure funding?
    The Office for Global Engagement is happy to provide an Early Invitation Letter in order to secure funding for your program at UR. Please contact
  • Do I need health insurance?
    Requirements for health insurance depend on your visa category and the length of your program at UR. Please review the Health Insurance, Immunization, and Health Care information.
  • When will I receive my immigration document?
    The average time to complete the Global Visitor Process and process an immigration document takes 5-8 weeks. Therefore, we recommend beginning the Global Visitor Process 3-6 months in advance of your anticipated arrival.
  • Do I need to be registered as a student?
    Yes. All Visiting students are required to maintain full-time, non-matriculated enrollment every academic term for the duration of their program as reflected on the I-20 or DS-2019. The administrator of the hosting department at UR should assist with the registration.
  • How much does it cost to be a Visiting Student?

    All Visiting Students pay the Visiting Student Fee, International Fee, Activity Fee (if applicable), Health Insurance and Health Fee (if applicable) per academic semester. Please see the Bursar’s Visiting Student Schedule of Fees. Prior to arrival, it is required all visitors provide proof of funding with their Online Application. Original and current documentation will be required when you apply for your visa or travel to the United States to begin your program. Funding may be in the form of Scholarship, Offer Letter, Bank Statement, etc. Documentation must have the specific amount of funding.

    Please see the Global Visiting Student Financial Requirement to determine the amount of funding you must provide proof of.

  • How much is the Visiting Student Fee?
  • What does the Visiting Student Fee cover?

    The Visiting Student Fee supports the Global Visitor Program for Visiting Students at UR. The fee provides on-going support and a central point of contact for visitors, faculty, and staff. The Office for Global Engagement:

    • Is the central point of contact for the host department, visitor, ISO, registrar, UHS, bursars and other university offices involved in the Global Visitor Program
    • Reviews, approves, and processes the application and Indication of Interest
    • Drafts and processes the Offer Letter/ IP Agreement/ and English Proficiency Evaluation
    • Coordinates with the school registrar to generate a unique Student ID#
    • Coordinates with UHS to confirm the visitor’s arrival and prepare insurance coverage
    • Provides up-to-date online resources including information on housing, health care, transportation, campus and community events
    • Ensures visitor remains properly registered in the student system for the entirety of their stay per immigration regulation
    • Coordinates with the bursars to clarify any outstanding balances or questions regarding billing
    • Ensures visitors remain in compliance with both immigration and University policies
  • What is the difference between the International Fee and the Visiting Student Fee?
    The International Fee supports the International Services Office and supports processing immigration documents. The International Fee is charged to all international students at UR. The Visiting Student Fee supports the Office for Global Engagement and supports the Global Visitor Program for visiting students at UR.
  • Do visiting students pay the fee if they are on campus for a short period of time?
    Regardless of the amount of time on campus, all visiting students pay the Visiting Student Fee. Please see “What does the Visiting Student Fee cover” for more information. The Visiting Student Fee is per semester and payable at the beginning of each semester.
  • Do visiting students pay tuition?
    No. A visiting student will not be charged traditional tuition. If a visitor chooses to enroll in specific courses with approval from the hosting faculty, traditional course fees would be applicable and in addition to the Visiting Student Fee.
  • Who do I contact about my bill?

    Please contact the AS&E bursar OR SMD bursar for billing questions. If you have a question about the Visiting Student Fee, specifically, please contact

  • When do I pay my bill?
    All outstanding balances must be paid prior to your departure.