September 21, 2019

University of Rochester AS&E GSA

Congratulations to the Fall 2017 GSA Travel Grant Awardees!

Every semester, the GSA awards travel grants up to $500 per recipient. Let's congratulate this semester's awardees! See the full list here.[...]

GSA Statement on Recent Events

We, the Graduate Students Association, applaud and agree with the S.A. Government’s statement on the EEOC Complaint and the University of Rochester’s Sexual Harassment Policy. The University’s policies and procedures have failed to ensure the safety and protection of its students. Since this case deals explicitly with graduate students, we feel[...]

Graduate Student Tax Information

As of January 1st, 2017, the University moved to a new classification structure for graduate student payments. This new structure is the result of legal requirements stemming from legislative actions (e.g. the Affordable Care Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act). The resulting structure more clearly delineates the purpose and payment[...]

Conference Travel Funding Applications Open!

Each Fall and Spring semester, GSA members are eligible to apply for Conference Travel Funding in the amount of up to $300.  You may apply for conferences that happened (or are happening) in the Summer and Fall of 2015 to the Spring of 2016. Applicants must complete the application form by December 10th, 2015.[...]

CIRC Summer School for Research Computing

The Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) will be hosting workshop training sessions for a 6 week period starting on July 22nd. Known as the “CIRC Summer School,” these workshops will be broken down into 12 topics. Each week will feature 2 topics, and each topic will span over 3 days[...]