October 31, 2014

Meliora - Ever Better

AS&E Graduate Student Association

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Need Disability Services?

If you or someone you know need disability accomodations to any GSA event please feel free to contact GSA directly at : GSA@rochester.edu

Contact your GSA

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or concerns please contact GSA directly at : GSA@rochester.edu

Upcoming Events

  • UR Computer Science Department Seminar
    November 3, 2014 — 12:00 pm
  • UR BME Seminar Series
    November 4, 2014 — 8:30 am
  • ECE Department Distinguished Speaker Series
    November 5, 2014 — 11:45 am
  • PhD Defense - BME
    November 7, 2014 — 8:00 am
  • Intellectual Property and Commercializing Technology Lecture Series
    November 11, 2014 — 12:00 pm

    More events and information