Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Council

About Us

The BME graduate student council was formed in the spring of 2008 to promote scholastic and social interaction among the graduate students and facilitate communication with the graduate faculty. We meet regularly in a relaxed atmosphere, sharing stories of our progress and thoughts on improving our department.

One of our goals is to increase mentorship between newer and more senior graduate students. By bringing together students throughout the years of training we provide a setting in which the students can meet outside of the laboratory and discuss rotations, courses, and research mentors. More formal programs, such as a recent student panel discussion on the first year exam or our student-run summer seminar series, also increase this interaction.

Additionally our group serves as a liaison to the department's faculty graduate committee, assisting with recruitment and other department functions. In this role we hope to provide a student voice in the department's decisions and enact change on our behalf.

This organization and its activities foster increased collaboration within the department and improve both the training that we receive and the sense of community that we feel.