October 15, 2019

University of Rochester AS&E GSA

What is CARE?

The CARE Network allows UR faculty, staff, students, and parents to refer a UR student to support when they are headed towards distress. By proactively identifying when a student may be struggling, the CARE team can respond by connecting the student to appropriate resources on campus that can support them.

When should I submit a CARE referral? 

We encourage you to submit a CARE referral when there is significant reason to be concerned about another UR student. Whether this student is your best friend, lab partner, roommate, significant other, teammate, or advisee, the CARE system can be of assistance.

The following list provides some areas to consider when identifying a student of concern:

  • Noticeable change in the student’s behavior or appearance
  • Disengaging or isolating
  • Missing multiple classes and assignments
  • Problematic behaviors
  • Receipt of concerning information
  • Something just doesn’t feel right

What happens when a referral is submitted? 

In most cases, the student of concern will be contacted and requested to meet with us. If CARE is unable to reach the student, we will elicit other resources on campus to reach out. During our meeting with the student, we determine which resources fit the student’s needs and support the student in connecting with these resources. We will continue to follow the student until they are aware of or connected to these resources.

How to submit a referral? 

To learn more about the CARE Network, or to submit a CARE referral, please visit www.rochester.edu/CARE.

CARE Resource Center 

This application is designed to help you find resources on the University of Rochester campus by concern.

Piece by piece we can support and strengthen our campus community