October 25, 2014

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AS&E Graduate Student Association

Basic Information

GSA is increasing conference travel funding! Consider applying! Due to the increased graduate student body, GSA has more funds to distribute to its members for academic travel. Conference travel funding can cover any aspect of travel, included but not limited to, plane/train tickets, fuel, accommodations, membership dues, registration fees, photocopying, etc. In addition, Alcohol purchases will not be covered and meal purchases must be within the University guidelines (should not exceed $60 per day). In order to be reimbursed, all conference travel award winners must submit ORIGINAL receipts. Only expense receipts that are for the awardees personal expenses will be reimbursed. We are excited to offer more academic opportunities for graduate student travel and hope many of our members will apply. Students may receive only one Conference Travel Funding Award per academic year.

Awardees total reimbursement request must not be greater than the total amount of the expenses of the awardee’s conference related expenses.

Each Fall and Spring semester, GSA members are eligible to apply for Conference Funding in the amount of up to $300. This semester GSA offers a minimum of $300 for 15 applicants. If fewer than 15 applicants are accepted, the money will be split among all accepted applications.  Applicants must be presenting at a conference and have proof of their acceptance to the conference. You may apply for conferences that happened in the Fall of 2013 to the Spring and Summer of 2014

Applicants must complete the application form (attached below) and include a copy of their CV and the conference abstract. Please send any questions to the Academic Programming Officer,Allison Browar, at abrowar@ur.rochester.edu.

Due to the competiveness and the number of applications submitted, below are two successful conference travel funding application examples in PDF format.

Example_1                Example_2

The deadline for submission for this semester’s round of applications is April 22, 2014. Applicants will be informed whether or not they were chosen for an award by mid May.


Applicant's Name:

Program of Study & Department:

Year in Program of Study:

Address of the Applicant:

E-mail Address:



Title of Your Accepted Abstract:

Conference Name:

Session or Panel name:

Conference Organizer:

Organizer Contact Information:

Location of Conference:

Date of Conference:

Conference Website (if applicable):


How much funding are you requesting? (Please complete a full and detailed estimate of costs in the appropriate areas below. A maximum of $300 is available for this award.)

Funding from the Applicant’s Home Department:

Other Funding Sources (please specify):

Total Provided by Department and Other Sources:

Estimated Conference Expenses

Transportation costs:

Accommodation cost:

Required membership dues:

Required registration fee:

Miscellaneous (photocopying, etc.):



Total provided:

Total needed:

Total Requested from GSA:

Short Answer Section

1. Description of Research (500 words or less):
Please describe the research you will be presenting at the conference in general terms that can be understood by someone outside your field (including definitions of terms, theories, and discipline-specific interests) and comment on the contribution and importance of your research in the field. (10 points)

2. Professional Development (500 words or less):
Please describe how your specific presentation at the conference will benefit your graduate work (i.e. is it part of your dissertation, something you hope will be published, etc.) and promote your professional career more generally (i.e. how will it improve your academic standing, job prospects, etc). Please list the number of conferences you have presented at already while a graduate student at the University of Rochester, whether or not you have given this particular presentation before, and, if you have, how many times you have presented this work so far. (10 points)

3. Impact of the Conference (250 words or less):
How influential is the conference and the body organizing the conference to your field and your research? (Describe the focus of the conference, the organizing body sponsoring the conference, how often the conference is held, how many and what kinds of people typically attend this conference (students, professors, etc.), what disciplines the attendees come from, and provide any other information that you feel is pertinent.) How does your research tie into the conference’s focus? Why is this conference important for you? (5 points)

File Upload

Only Word (.doc and .docx) and PDF (.pdf) documents will be accepted. Please be certain that all files except the CV have been anonymized. No names. No phone numbers. No websites. No email addresses. This ensures a blind review. GSA uses the CV to verify your previous presentations, research focus, and time and departmental affiliation at UR. The CV will not be circulated to reviewers.


Conference Abstract:



Please type the letters and numbers that appear above into the following field:

Need Disability Services?

If you or someone you know need disability accomodations to any GSA event please feel free to contact GSA directly at : GSA@rochester.edu

Contact your GSA

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or concerns please contact GSA directly at : GSA@rochester.edu

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