October 15, 2018

University of Rochester AS&E GSA

Welcome the AS&E 2017-2018 GSA Officers

GSA aims to foster personal growth, leadership, and opportunities to all students in an Arts, Science & Engineering graduate programs; members can then apply and integrate these concepts through various academic events, social activities, as well as other program related activities/events. The GSA officers are here to help in any way. Below are some short bios and pictures of our officers — feel free to contact them for anything!


President            Valerie Fleischauer vfleisc2@ur.rochester.edu
Social Programming Adil Khan akhan26@ur.rochester.edu
Academic Programming Yesim Demiroglu yesim.demiroglu@rochester.edu
Student Advocacy Peter Murphy pmurp13@ur.rochester.edu
Treasurer Theresa Iannuzzi tiannuzz@ur.rochester.edu
Communications Daniel Gorman dgormanj@ur.rochester.edu
Information Technology Wednesday Bushong wbushong@ur.rochester.edu
Sustainability Daniel Curran dcurran3@ur.rochester.edu


Valerie Fleischauer, President

GSA photoI am a fourth year PhD student in the Chemistry Department.  I am currently studying mechanisms of iron catalysis and novel F-element molecules using inorganic spectroscopic techniques.  As President I am working to connect graduate students with each other and the Rochester community through managing events and forming relationships with other student groups and staff on campus.



Adil Khan, Social Programming

I am a fourth year PhD student in the Biology department. My research focus is on a cell surface receptor, GPR56, which suppresses the spread of melanoma metastasis. Metastasis is the final stage of cancer and it decreases the survival rate of patients from 90% to 10% in case of melanoma. I am interested in understanding how GPR56 signals, in order to understand its mechanism of action in controlling melanoma spread. My role as the Social Programming Officer primary deals with giving you all opportunities to get out of your busy schedules and to meet all the exciting people that are a part of our graduate community. I plan to organize events that will focus on student interaction, entertainment and community building. My goal this year is to not only give you events that are fun but enhance your overall experience at UoR. I would be happy to hear from you guys about any suggestions/ideas that may help me in doing that.

Yesim Demiroglu, Academic Programming

I am a Ph.d. candidate in Mathematics. My research interests are very widespread, but primarily it can be summarized as (spectral) graph theory, combinatorics, algebra and differential geometry. As the Academic Programming Officer of the GSA, I am planning to work hard to improve students’ experiences on campus. I will do my best to make GSA easily approachable and academically beneficial to all grad students. In my opinion, we all have a common denominator which is we all would like to get the most possible benefit from our studies. I believe it’s possible only if we cooperate and support each other. Therefore, I am always interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions.


Peter Murphy, Student Advocacy

I am a Ph.D. student in the Visual & Cultural Studies program in the Art & Art History department. My research focuses on 20th century European painting and 20th century American photography. I study these subjects through psychoanalysis, critical theory, queer theory, and feminist theory. As the graduate student advocacy officer, I will serve as a mediator between the graduate student population and the university administration. I understand that different graduate students have different concerns, but I believe the entire university seeks to have an atmosphere of accessibility, fairness, and possibility. My service is dedicated to establishing and maintaining this atmosphere. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you seek to have resolved.

Theresa Iannuzzi, Treasurer

LM-8017I am a Ph.D. student in the Chemistry department. After graduating from the University of Scranton, I came to Rochester to work in a physical-inorganic chemistry lab. My research currently focuses on the identification of active catalytic species in iron-catalyzed C-H functionalization. As Treasurer, I connect graduate students and organizations to the GSA for funding of conference travel and special events. Please feel free to contact me at any time with suggestions for an event you would like funded!



Daniel Gorman, Communications Officer

Daniel Gorman Jr. is a history Ph.D. candidate at the University of Rochester, where he researches nineteenth-century American religion and culture. He received his M.A. from Villanova University and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. You can read Dan’s work at rochester.academia.edu/DanielGormanJr and https://tangentsusa.wordpress.com/, and follow him on Twitter (@DanGorman2).





Wednesday Bushong, Information Technology Officer

I am a second-year PhD student in the Brain & Cognitive Sciences department. My research focuses on prediction, learning, and adaptation during language understanding. Current projects of mine include prediction error-based learning of syntax and the influence of expectations on the level of detail humans strategically maintain in perceptual representations. As the Information Technology Officer, I maintain the website, including the new forum – click here to check it out! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you notice issues with the website or have any suggestions.

Daniel Curran, Sustainability Officer

I am a PhD student in the chemistry department. As a member of the Neidig group, I further explore the fundamental properties governing actinide chemistry through inorganic spectroscopic techniques. As sustainability chair, I represent AS&E graduate students on a board comprised of university undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty. Outside of school I enjoy reading, hiking, and long walks on the beach. Contact me through email with any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions ect.



Cheryl Ernst, Advisor



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