October 15, 2019

University of Rochester AS&E GSA

As an officially recognized group, you would have access to graduate student rates for event support, the ability to reserve rooms through the University’s online system and access to University server space to host a website. Currently, there are nine graduate student groups on River Campus that are recognized by GSA as an official University of Rochester organization. If you want to create an organization/group/club for graduate students, please contact the current GSA President. If you would like more information or are interested in joining one of the groups listed please contact them directly.


Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering

The Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering (ADSE) chapter at the University of Rochester works to increase the representation and visibility of underrepresented groups in the STEM fields. ADSE serves as a platform for the scholarship and professional development of minority students in the pursuit of advanced degrees and careers in STEM. The group’s goals are to connect scientists across our campus, showcase non-traditional career paths and minority experiences in academia, industry and government, and to educate students at all levels about opportunities in STEM.

Antonio Tinoco Valencia atinocov@ur.rochester.edu
Shukree Abdul-Rashed sabdulra@ur.rochester.edu
Marian Ackun-Farmmer mackunfa@ur.rochester.edu
Raven Osborn raven_osborn@urmc.rochester.edu
Heta Gandhi hgandhi@ur.rochester.edu
Adrian Molina adrianmoises_molinavargas@urmc.rochester.edu


Association of Latin American Student

The mission of the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) is to create a group of students interested in analyzing and discussing the economic, political, and social issues of Latin America, as well as their impact in the USA. The group discusses these topics through public forums, cultural events, and social gatherings. ALAS also serves to create bonds between Latin American graduate students and the rest of the community.

Jose Alvarez Hernandez jalvar14@ur.rochester.edu
Leopoldo Mejia Restrepo lmejiare@ur.rochester.edu
Carlos Rojas crojas3@ur.rochester.edu
Maria Camila Aguilera maguiler@ur.rochester.edu
Fabiana Richter frichter@ur.rochester.edu


Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Council

The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Council fosters a threefold mission to promote scholastic excellence, community engagement, and mentorship extending across the biomedical engineering department and into the greater Rochester area.

Christine Massie cmassie@ur.rochester.edu
Shyanthony Synigal ssynigal@ur.rochester.edu


Chemistry Graduate Association


Nikki Wolford nwolford@ur.rochester.edu
Trevor Tumiel t.tumiel@rochester.edu
Jacob Shelton jshelto4@ur.rochester.edu
Emily Lasher elasher2@ur.rochester.edu


Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of Rochester serves to support away-from-home Chinese students in their life, study, work, and other issues, and to bring Chinese students together on campus.

Fangzhou Liu fliu14@ur.rochester.edu


Graduate History Society

The Graduate History Society serves to represent the interests of the history graduate students to University of Rochester faculty, staff, and administration. The group’s activities enrich the intellectual and social life of the graduate students and promote historical studies at the University of Rochester and in the surrounding community.

Marissa Crannell Ash mcrannel@ur.rochester.edu
Rhianna Gordon rgord15@ur.rochester.edu
Alice Wynd awynd@ur.rochester.edu


Graduate Students of Color

Graduate Students of Color promote and offer academic, professional, and social programming for underrepresented graduate students, and provide a forum for topics addressing the racial and ethnic diversity of the Rochester graduate student population.

Jon Gordils jonathan.gordils@rochester.edu
Marian Ackun-Farmmer mackunfa@ur.rochester.edu
Tangeria Adams tangeria.adams@rochester.edu


InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship

The InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship encourages and equips graduate students and faculty to follow Christ as they seek to be a redeeming influence among the people, ideas, and structures of the university and professions.

Janet Hrdina jhrdina@ur.rochester.edu
Joseph Tang jtang19@ur.rochester.edu
Joshua Hollinger jhollin3@ur.rochester.edu


Graduate Students Raising Families

The aim of Graduate Students Raising Families is to find solutions to alleviate the problems that students have while balancing family life and pursuing their degrees.

Rachel Bonn-Breach rachel_bonnbreach@urmc.rochester.edu
Ashley Nelson ashley_nelson@urmc.rochester.edu


Graduate Women in Science

Graduate Women in Science provides mentoring for the professional and personal development of all graduate women at the University of Rochester Medical Center and College of Arts and Sciences.

Monika Tasak monica_tasak@urmc.rochester.edu
Daniel Steiner daniel_steiner@urmc.rochester.edu


On Film

On Film is a student-run film screening project that brings rarely-seen and important works of cinema from around the world to the University of Rochester and surrounding community.

Joel Neville Anderson joel.neville.anderson@rochester.edu
Clara Auclair cauclair@ur.rochester.edu
Almudena Escobar Lopez almudena.escobar.lopez@rochester.edu
Patrick Sullivan patrick.sullivan@rochester.edu


Persian Student Association

Tahereh Jabbari tjabbari@ur.rochester.edu
Ahmad Azizmanesh aazizima@ur.rochester.edu
Hamid Tofighi hamid_tofighi@urmc.rochester.edu
Sedigheh Sheykholeslami sedigheh.sh@rochester.edu


Rochester Indian Association

Rochester Indian Association serves as a platform for conducting social events geared towards students of Indian origin at the University of Rochester. The group also supports incoming graduate students to help them make a smooth transition to life in Rochester.

Sarat Tirumala stiruma3@ur.rochester.edu
Kosha Dholakia kdholaki@ur.rochester.edu
Hrutvija Trivedi htrivedi@u.rochester.edu
Ashlin James ashlinjames_poruthoor@urmc.rochester.edu
Tathagata Karmakar tkarmaka@ur.rochester.edu


Physics and Astronomical Sciences Student Association for Graduate Engagement

The Physics and Astronomical Sciences Student Association for Graduate Engagement (PASSAGE) strives to promote fellowship and intradepartmental community, facilitate mentorship between physics and astronomy graduate students, and provide opportunities for outreach to the greater Rochester community.

Danika Luntz-Martin dluntzma@ur.rochester.edu
Atma Anand aanand6@ur.rochester.edu
Hannah Hasson hhasson@ur.rochester.edu
Alexander Debrecht adebrech@ur.rochester.edu
Sarah Henry shenry11@ur.rochester.edu
Carla Watson cwatson8@ur.rochester.edu


SPIE Student Chapter

The University of Rochester SPIE Student Chapter promotes the discipline of optical science and engineering, disseminates knowledge of the field of optical engineering, and furthers the professional development of students at the University.

Nicholas Kochan nkochan@ur.rochester.edu
Nicholas Takaki ntakaki@ur.rochester.edu
Kaitlin Dunn kdunn7@ur.rochester.edu
Romita Chauduri rchaudhu@ur.rochester.edu
Benjamin Moon bmoon2@ur.rochester.edu
Saniat Ahmed Choudhury schoudh6@ur.rochester.edu


Women of Physics and Astronomy

Imani West-Abdallah iwestabd@ur.rochester.edu
Hannah Hasson hhasson@ur.rochester.edu
Carla Watson cwatson8@ur.rochester.edu


Thinkers and Drinkers

Thinkers and Drinkers is a group dedicated to sharing their love for science (and drinks) with the people of Rochester.

Derek Crowe derek_crowe@urmc.rochester.edu


UR Science Policy Initiative

The UR Science Policy Initiative is a group for graduate students and post-docs who are interested in learning more about science policy, gaining experience in the field, and advocating for science.

Alina Denham alina_denham@urmc.rochester.edu