GSA Statement on Recent Events

We, the Graduate Students Association, applaud and agree with the S.A. Government’s statement on the EEOC Complaint and the University of Rochester’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

The University’s policies and procedures have failed to ensure the safety and protection of its students. Since this case deals explicitly with graduate students, we feel an urgent need to speak out and declare our support for victims of sexual misconduct. Whether the University administrators regard the allegations as factual or hearsay does not change our position. We stand with our fellow students (graduate and undergraduate) in the ongoing effort to create a safe and inclusive environment within and beyond the University. As the GSA, we offer a safe space for all students. We encourage students who would like to join us in this effort or who need support to contact us.

Like the S.A. Government, we call upon President Seligman, the Faculty Senate, and the University administration to change the current policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, there is very little protection offered to graduate students when this misconduct occurs. The EEOC Complaint demonstrates the absolute insufficiency of the policies and procedures in place to protect students. At the President’s town hall meeting on September 12, he offered to include student leaders in discussions regarding policy change. The GSA is elected to serve the graduate student population, and we plan on collaborating with other student leaders to create a safer community.

We commend the efforts of the undergraduates and the S.A.—their support of the graduate community has been tremendous. We echo their mention of the seven Title IX deputies in place to serve students. If you would like to utilize other University resources, a list of them can be found here. We reiterate the S.A.’s mention of resources outside the University, such as Restore, which is an independent organization that assists those affected by sexual assault.

With you all,

The Graduate Students Association

Signed in Support (add your name here:

Steven Rogers
Yan Zou Mathematics
Ben Feinberg Electrical and Computer Engineering
Valerie Fleischauer Chemistry
Louis Marti Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Luis A. Alemán Optics
Kim Schauder
Federico Moreno Geology
Elizabeth Demeusy Clinical & Social Psychology
Fenix Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska
Andrea Morris
Matt Lamb Philosophy
Shannon Jaime English
Nilesh Patil Data Science
Emmett Wilson Philosophy
Abigail Rosen Clinical & Social Psychology
Angel Morales Optics
Hannah Jones-Gordils Developmental Psychology
Andrew Owens Chemistry
Austin Vihncent Skeeters Physics
Theodore Marschall Physics & Astronomy
Yuhang Xu Linguistics, Brain & Cognitive Sciences
James S. Rankine History
Rhys Taus Physics & Astronomy
Robert Magnus
Gyasi Byng
Marina Maria Ioanniti
Eric Loy English
Philippe Lewalle Physics & Astronomy
Saikat Chakraborty
Wednesday Bushong Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Austin Graf Optics
Cody Fagan
Alyssa Kersey Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Katherine Hadden History


Kelley Annesley Philosophy
Keturah Bixby Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Jackie Kearns Clinical & Social Psychology
Andrew Aboussleman Linguistics
Peter Murphy Visual & Cultural Studies
Casey Zampella Clinical & Social Psychology
MaryClare Roche
Byron Fong Visual & Cultural Studies
Hend F. Alawadhi Visual & Cultural Studies
Daniel Gorman Jr. History
Micah Richey Philosophy
Meghan Huang Clinical & Social Psychology
Colleen Schneider Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Bethany Lennox Biomedical Engineering
Alana Wolf Johnson Visual & Cultural Studies
Michael Melnick Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Margaret Huff Physics and Astronomy
Nick Reilly Physics and Astronomy
Christopher Mullarkey Physics and Astronomy
Steffi Delcourt
Margaret H. Samuels Materials Science
Alicia Chester Visual & Cultural Studies
Ritwik Bose Computer Science