December 9, 2019

University of Rochester AS&E GSA

International Services Office

Director: Cary Jensen
Location: 213 Morey Hall
Phone: (585) 275-2866

The ISO is the University’s official liaison with the Department of State, for- eign and American consulates, and the Department of Justice (Immigration and Naturalization Service). The ISO also works hard to cooperate with members of the University community to advocate for and address various interna- tional student needs. The ISO operates a full range of programs and services for more than 1500 international students, 600 international scholars and employees, and their dependent spouses and children. Over 90 countries are currently represented in the University’s international community. The ISO is a member of The National Association for Foreign Student Affairs: Association of International Educators, and works closely with community organizations such as the Rochester International Council.

The ISO is responsible for issuing all Visa documents and for advising students and scholars on all immigration matters including Visa renewal, travel outside the US, replacement of lost documents, extension of stay, and employment. The Organization also engages in crosscultural counseling and advising, offering support and information to aid students in adjusting to the United States. This support includes advice about legal rights and responsibilities, employment and tax workshops, and English language classes for spouses. The ISO publishes several booklets and newsletters, both on paper and electronically.

An International Student Orientation Program is offered prior to the start of classes. Students are introduced to the University of Rochester campus, the Rochester community, and to the United States. The program includes workshops on immigration laws, cultural adjustment, and life in and around Rochester.

This office is a valuable resource to many international students and scholars, and they are encouraged to contact the ISO directly for more information.

Rochester International Council

President: Josephine M. Perini
Location: 229 Morey Hall
Phone: (585) 275-8779

RIC is a volunteer group of local citizens who offer international students friendship and hospitality. Their services include meeting students at the airport, dinner invitations, ongoing opportunities to participate in community and American life, and activities such as hikes, museum tours, and dances. They also offer social and cultural programs for spouses of international students, and coordinate opportunities for international students to make presentations about their home countries to area school children.

Their core program, Friendship Volunteers, serves over 200 new international college students each year by providing them with American hosts (with whom they do not live) who introduce them to the Rochester community and American culture. This relationship continues throughout the student’s residency in Rochester. RIC also runs the International Wives program twice a month at both the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology. Each year, RIC sponsors over 20 programs and activities that provide opportunities for the 2500 international students in the Rochester area to participate in American life.

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