August 20, 2019

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Student Health Plan

All full-time students participate in the Student Health Plan, which includes the mandatory health fee and health insurance. Follow the link above to find out more information regarding the Student Health Plan.

Mandatory Health Fee – $492 for 2013-2014 ($504 for 2014-2015)

The mandatory health fee assures the availability of accessible, high quality health care services on campus for all full-time University of Rochester students. All full-time students pay the mandatory health fee, regardless of the health insurance option they choose.

The mandatory health fee covers care and services provided by the University Health Service (UHS) and the University Counseling Center (UCC). The fee does not cover health care visits to locations outside UHS and UCC. The mandatory health fee covers the following services:

  • Primary care visits with physicians, nurse practitioner, and registered nurses at the University Health Service (UHS). (See Services for Students for information about the services offered for full-time students.)
  • Time-limited therapy at University Counseling Center (UCC) on an individual, couples, or group basis.
  • UHS physician and UCC mental health professional on call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  • Health education and health promotion services
  • Public health and disease prevention programs

Aetna Student Health Plan

The University of Rochester and Aetna Student Health have partnered for the 2014-2015 academic year to provide a comprehensive program that combines the resources of the University Health Service (UHS) for on-site primary care and mental health services with a health insurance benefit plan that provides a network of specialists and hospitals. The Plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries that occur on or off campus, while at home, and also provides worldwide coverage.

All full-time students must enroll or waive the University-sponsored insurance each year. Students who are enrolled in the plan may also enroll their spouses, eligible domestic partners and/or dependent children.

The University-sponsored insurance plan has been designed to work in conjunction with the services offered by the University Health Service (UHS). UHS should be your first stop for health care! UHS provides a full range of confidential, high-quality primary care and mental health care for full-time students. Primary care office visits to UHS and time-limited therapy at University Counseling Center (UCC) are covered by the mandatory health fee.

Key information at a glance:

  • All full-time students must complete the online Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver process by September 15, 2014.
  • Aetna Student Health customer service representatives are available to answer questions about the University-sponsored insurance plan and provide personal service through a national toll free telephone number -800-897-7042.

You must either enroll in the medical plan or request a waiver of insurance.

Enroll/Waive: Student Health Insurance Plan
Enroll: Dependents
Enroll: Vital SavingsSM Dental

2014-2015 Plan documents and benefits

2014 – 2015 Plan Design and Benefits Summary – Plan-specific information on services the plan covers, deductibles, premium rates, enrollment and waiver deadline dates, plan limitations and more.

If you have questions about health insurance, you can contact the UHS Insurance Advisor, at

Questions: The UHS Student Insurance Office is located in Room 204, which is on the 2nd floor of the UHS Building on the River Campus.

Insurance alternatives

Health Insurance Coverage for New York Students

When you’re healthy and rarely visit the doctor it’s easy to forget how important health insurance is until you actually need to use it. Minor injuries and emergency room visits can cost a lot to a college student on a budget. But one important point that most students forget is that they have more options than the average person when it comes to getting health coverage.

Going without coverage is never a good idea, and your school may require you to have some form of coverage. What health insurance options are available to New York students?

Follow the link above to find out more information regarding alternative health insurance options. 

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