IGERT—Fast Facts

IGERT 5-year program:

  • Receives $3.2 million of support from the National Science Foundation
  • Funds 6 new PhD students each year
  • Involves approximately 25 faculty members from various academic departments

IGERT students:

  • Earn their doctoral in one of several engineering or science departments
  • Are selected at the end of their first year of graduate studies
  • Take internships in the US or abroad
  • Teach and do fieldwork in partner African universities
  • Follow a multidisciplinary graduate curriculum

IGERT Research is focused on:

  • Inexpensive and environmentally benign photovoltaic materials
  • Efficient sunlight capture
  • Hydrogen generation by splitting water
  • Fuel cells
  • Examining changes in economic or business models and public policy necessitated by renewable distributed energy sources
  • Striving to understand motivations and trade-offs in order to speed up adoption of renewable energy by consumers and industry