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To learn all about our experience with solar energy outreach in Ghana, please attend the 5th Energy for the 21st Century Symposium, coming up on May 1, 2015!  The Symposium is free and open to all.  Please pre-register HERE.


See Our Previous Adventures in Ghana below:

Read about our latest trip to Ghana!

Trip to Ghana—August 1, 2013:

The second cohort, along with Pioneers Rebecca Berman and Lenore Kubie, have arrived in Ghana. They will begin in the capital city of Accra, learning more about Ghana's history, before heading to several other destinations.

The 4th cohort of IGERT students has just been chosen:

Congratulations to Leah Frenette, Erik Garcell, Margaret Samuels, Nelia Viza, Miles Marnell and Emily Hillenbrand.

4th ENERGY for the 21st CENTURY SYMPOSIUM: March 15, 2013

The second cohort of IGERT Students presented information on their summer internships at national labs, industry and universities.

Our Pioneer IGERT Students presented "Teaching and Learning about Solar Energy in Ghana"

3rd Energy for the 21st Century Symposium:

The Pioneer IGERT Students gave a presentation about their summer internships at the Energy for the 21st Century Symposium on October 10, 2011


From The Full Spectrum, Fall 2013

Dean's Newsletter, October 28, 2013 www.hajim.rochester.edu/newsletter/archive/issue.php?iss=2706