Invisible Culture | Issue 15 | Fall 2010
Guest Editors: Godfre Leung and Sohl Lee

Introduction: The Sociality of the Spectacle
Godfre Leung

The Politics of Spectacle:
The Gwangju Biennale and the Asian Century

Okwui Enwezor

The Candlelight Girls’ Playground:
Nationalism as Dialogy, the 2008 Candlelight Vigil Protest in South Korea

Hyejong Yoo

Between Absence and Presence:
Exploring Video Earth’s What is Photography?

Rika Iezumi Hiro

Public Surfaces Beyond the Great Wall:
Communication and Graffiti Culture in China

Caitlin Bruce

Curatorial Statement for Seven Videos:
The Metaphor of “Flying and Falling” in Contemporary East Asia and Visual Arts

Sohl Lee

Seven Videos

Barbara London

Issue No. 15:
Spectacle East Asia

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