Issue 8:
The Loop as a Temporal Form
Edited by Margot Bouman
Issue design and upload by Catherine Zuromskis, Lucy Dane Curzon, and Aviva Dove-Viebahn

by Margot Bouman

A Thread of Knots:
Jacques Derrida's Homage to Emmanuel Levinas' Ethical Reminder

by Miriam Bankovsky

The Sound of Time is not tick tock:
The Loop as a Direct Image of Time in Noto's Endless Loop Edition (2) and the Drone Music of Phill Niblock

by Greg Hainge

The Way We Loop "Now:"
Eddying in the Flows of Media

by Jaimey Hamilton

Funny How Secrets Travel:
David Lynch's Lost Highway

by Alanna Thain

Repetition and the Work of Hypertextual Mourning:
Ryman's 253 and the NAMES Project AIDS Quilt

by Eric Sonstroem

Heads or Tails:
The Emergence of a New Cultural Series, from the Phenakisticope to the Cinematograph

by Nicolas Dulac and André Gaudreault