Book Reviews
(archived reviews)

Rebecca Solnit
A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disasters
Richard Misrach
Destroy This Memory
by James Johnson

Christine Mehring
Blinky Palermo: Abstraction of an Era
Suzanne P. Hudson
Used Paint: Robert Ryman
by Godfre Leung

Judith Butler
Frames of War: When Is Life Grievable?
by Lara Mazurski

Daniel Miller
The Comfort of Things.
by Jessica McDonald

Amy Trubek
The Taste of Place: A Cultural Journey Into Terroir
by Kerstin McGaughey

Kenneth Hayes
Milk and Melancholy
by Gabrielle Moser

Kobena Mercer, ed.
Exiles, Diasporas & Strangers
by Amy L. Powell

Joy Adapon
Culinary Art and Anthropology
by Helen Vallianatos

Carrie Noland and Sally Ann Ness, eds.
Migrations of Gesture
by Jane Van Slembrouck

Xiaobing Tang
Origins of the Chinese Avant-Garde: The Modern Woodcut Movement
by Bo Zheng