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Funding and Support

Internship Funding

Summer Internship (Reach) Funds are available thanks to the generous gifts of University of Rochester friends and alumni who believe in the importance of experiential opportunities.

Reach funds provide monetary support for undergraduates who obtain a summer internship to investigate career options, develop skills, and link classroom learning to the world of work.

Programs that include a fee to participate, like study abroad, are not eligible for funding. For questions on whether your experience qualifies as an internship, see the internship overview page

Research Funding

The Discover Grant is aimed at increasing and enhancing undergraduate research opportunities for University of Rochester matriculated undergraduates. The grant is funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research. For more information contact, email


Application Process

The application process for both funding programs is:

  • Search for and secure an internship/research opportunity. Use staff and peer career advisors in the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center resource area to assist you. The opportunity must be secured before applying for funding, and your internship/research supervisor will receive a request to confirm your internship/research opportunity.
  • The Summer 2017 application cycle is closed. Check back in February for Summer 2018 application information.

Creating a Strong Application

As with any application, we encourage you to put reflection, time, and effort into your funding application. The following tips can help you prepare a strong application.

  • Use the application checklist worksheet (.doc /.pdf) to compile all of the information you will need to input into the online application. You must complete the application in a single sitting. Using the worksheet will reduce errors and lost information.
  • We encourage you to take advantage of the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program[A1] , as well as drop-ins at the Career Center to review your budget justification and career impact statements prior to the deadline. Be concise but complete with your statements.
  • Check the application scoring rubric to understand how applications are evaluated.

In addition, applications with the following have a higher likelihood of receiving funding:

Budget justification:

  • Clearly describes how each budget line was researched and estimated
  • Describes how you will maximize your budget for the summer
  • Explains how receiving Reach funding is important to your ability to complete the internship 

Career impact statement:

  • Describes your motivation for undertaking the internship
  • Makes strong connections between the internship experience and your academic or career goals
  • Gives concrete examples of how the internship activities will help you develop career competencies

Evaluation and Payment Process for Internships

Applications are evaluated based on funding requested, the completeness and quality of the application, the budget justification, and career impact statements.

Award amounts are based on budget submitted. They typically range from $1,000 to $2,500.

If awarded funding, payments are made in two stipends sent directly from the University of Rochester accounts payable department. The money is mailed to the address listed in your application, so please make sure the mailing address is correct before submission.

Payments are made by the end of June and the end of August. All Reach recipients must be aware that appropriate taxes will be removed by the finance department upon processing.


See the funding frequently asked questions page for more information.