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About University Information Technology

University Information Technology (University IT) is intrinsic to the academic, research, and clinical enterprises of the University and essential for achieving institutional goals. Increasing IT is the preferred means of communication within and beyond a university. It is a significant aspect of patient care and serves as a change agent in the teaching/learning process.

University IT Mission

Our mission is to provide Information Technology (IT) services, support, and guidance to the University of Rochester students, faculty, and staff who use technology to fulfill the institution's missions of teaching and learning, research, patient care, performance, and community service. This includes the provision of a common infrastructure and support of institutional functions with cost-effective, customer-oriented products as part of the University's stewardship mission.

We expect technology to be a tool and an enabler, not an impediment. We strive to provide tools and services that are easy to implement, easy to teach, and easy to use while respecting the individual needs of our clients.

In order to make technology work for you, University IT seeks to:

  • Develop, implement, and support excellent services, products, and tools that make it easy to use the information technologies available on campus effectively and efficiently.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment with security controls that are both proactive and reactive to reduce potential exposures and effectively deal with issues as they arise.
  • Support and collaborate with the technology community across the campus with architectures, guidelines, and tools.
  • Provide effective leadership and communication strategies to guide the campus through transitions in information technology while working with partners on campus to set future directions.


University Information Technology at the University of Rochester was formally organized in 2000 as a result of a consolidation of five separate IT units, which previously reported to separate Vice Presidential areas. Organizational integration resulted in a shared IT Center and Data Center, and an expanded Educational Technology Center, which allowed for improved customer service and support as well as reduced cost. In a short time, the new, unified IT organization has improved a number of long-standing services and created several new services that are integral to the work of the University.

In 2001, the first IT Strategic Plan was published under the leadership of the CIO and a campus-wide IT Council. Since then, major accomplishments have been achieved, including: gigabit network upgrade, wireless services, authentication, e-services, and the establishment of a central ITS Center to coordinate customer services. Best practices seminars and an annual technology expo increase campus awareness and discourse on important IT issues.

University IT Today

University IT provides leadership to the University by staying informed of trends in information technology, providing specialized consulting, and identifying new opportunities that will move the University forward.

The University IT organization currently has staff members located throughout the campus, with funding obtained through service level agreements, central allocation for shared infrastructure, and auxiliary charge-back services. Customer support is handled through an Educational Technology Center for faculty and students, and a campus Information Technology Services Center for general University support and consulting and the IT Center for phone support.

Current Projects

Current projects include enhancements to e-services, data center/business continuity improvements, administrative system & network upgrades, security strategies, and continuing coordination of IT efforts across a distributed computing environment.

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