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Computer Operations

Production Control

OS/390 Mainframe Systems


OS/390 Mainframe Systems

Enterprise Server Support

  • Technical staff provides installation and support of the IBM OS/390 Enterprise Server operating system that provides the foundation for many University and Medical Center business critical applications. Provide installation and support of database and vendor products including ADABAS, CICS, DB2, and IMS.
  • Separate test system for systems and applications are maintained to ensure the availability and reliability of the production systems
  • Provide Business Recovery Planning for equipment installed in the DCS computer room.
  • Inventory and contract management of all software and vendors is maintained. Software and hardware replacements are continuously evaluated for maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs.
  • Software and hardware replacements are continuously evaluated for maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs.

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Performance & Capacity

  • Charting and reporting of essential system capacity and performance indicators is completed monthly with results published on the DCS website.
  • Capacity planning data for the enterprise server are reviewed continuously to ensure capacity exists to meet the business needs
  • System performance for both University and Medical Center systems is checked daily via software monitoring packages to ensure end-users are experiencing satisfactory response time.
  • Technical staff provide problem resolution of essential system problems to ensure the availability of production applications

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Enterprise Storage Management

  • Policies are maintained to manage enterprise storage resources that result in maximum reliability and availability of disk storage. Enterprise storage utilization is monitored to ensure adequate quantities of storage are available to meet business needs.
  • In conjunction with the computer operations staff, technical services staff ensure the preservation and retrieval of business critical information via tape backup for both University Administration and Medical Center applications
  • Provide server consolidation planning and strategies across multiple platforms.

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Customer Support

  • Design and development of the DCS website to provide information and services.
  • Provide consulting services to both computing staff and ad hoc users to include debugging programs, file transfers, use of system services to enhance program performance, printing problems, etc.
  • Coordinate and perform both in-house and vendor provided instructional training sessions for essential software products.

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Computer Operations

Hardware and Systems Support

  • Provide an environmentally sound computer room facility. This includes supplying continuous clean power to all equipment through a UPS and maintaining controlled temperatures and humidity levels to safeguard the equipment. The UPS (uninterrupted power supply) provides approximately 120 minutes of battery backup to all critical equipment in the event a major power outage occurs. The operations staff provides continuous monitoring of power and environmental conditions via the SiteScan system connected to a variety of sensors to ensure all systems are functioning within tolerance.
  • Security to the facility is provided by an electronic door-entry system and cameras are mounted at each entry door. Additionally, the facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Access to the computer room is only granted on an as needed basis by request to the Manager of Operations.
  • Equipment inventory and contract management services for all hardware and associated vendors including equipment leases and maintenance agreements is provided. Hardware located in the computer room has various levels of service and maintenance depending on criticality and business function. DCS monitors the appropriate hardware, schedules maintenance, and places service calls in case of a hardware malfunction.
  • Monitor the networks throughout the University and Medical Center via a SunNet monitor system. In case of a network component outage, DCS Operations is able to pinpoint the source of the problem and facilitate repairs.

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Production Systems Monitoring

  • Computer Operations staff monitors and facilitates production batch processes via automated scheduling tools as well as other processes, across a variety of system platforms including an IBM OS390 mainframe, UNIX, NT, and VMS to ensure the successful completion of scheduled production applications.
  • Technical staff maintain alert monitors that are utilized by production processes to initiate additional actions for error processing and event notification.
  • Production problems and resolutions are tracked in a database for reference. Immediate e-mail notification is sent to the appropriate support groups in the event of a production failure.

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Print /Remote Print Services

  • DCS offers a multitude of print services including high speed color highlight laser printing, MICR capable printing for check creation, and special forms processing such as bursting, trimming, and decollating.
  • Delivery options for printed output include
    • Remote printing from the mainframe to any network-attached printer using VPS.
    • Delivery of output through University Mail Services
    • Pick up the output at the Towne House
  • DCS staff also maintain inventory supplies of standard and pre-printed forms.

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Centralized Data Backup, Restore, and Off-site Storage

  • The Data Center provides backup and restore facilities for critical business data to tape for recovery purposes through centrally supported backup processes. Mainframe, VMS, UNIX, and NT system data is backed up on a daily basis through various processes. Copies of all DCS backup tapes are stored at a secure off-site facility. Operations maintains the rotation of all backup media both on and off-site.
  • File restore requests are processed through Prouction Support in the case of a deleted or corrupt file.
  • Enterprise Backup System

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Optical Forms Scanning

  • Operations has the facilities to translate and organize manually prepared Optical Character Recognition (OCR) forms. The scanned results can be used for input to a computer program for further analysis.
  • Two types of scanner forms are available for purchase from DCS, and set up services for new scan jobs are available
  • Output from the scanned documents is available via e-mail or a diskette.

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Production Control Services

Production Job Scheduling and Support

  • Provide mainframe and UNIX production job scheduling
    • All mainframe University and Medical Center production batch jobs are scheduled and maintained through JobTrac job scheduling software.
    • All UNIX - HRIS & End User Reporting jobs are scheduled and maintained through Autosys job scheduling software.
    • One time and on request production batch job scheduling is addressed on an as needed basis
    • All production job schedules are monitored to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Production turnover of new and changed production applications is reviewed for completeness before implementation.
  • Staff is on-call (24x7) for University and Medical Center applications to provide problem determination and resolution of all production job failures

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Document Management / Report Distribution

  • Computer generated documents and reports for all University and Medical Center production applications are automatically sorted and bundled.
    • This process optimizes the delivery of reports to the customer.
    • Reports can be customized so just the pertinent information is printed avoiding waste and unnecessary print charges
    • Staff maintain printing schedules, delivery locations, and recipient information to ensure accurate delivery of reports and investigate and reprint missing/lost reports.
  • On-Line Document Viewing of reports offers a cost-effective alternative to hardcopy output
    • Report views can be customized to show just the information required
    • Selected pages or the entire report can be printed at the customer location
    • Built-in security is activated to protect confidential information; only authorized user-id's can access reports
    • Access through a web browser will be available the 2nd quarter of 2000
  • Customized Forms Design and Highlight Color Printing Services are available
    • Technical staff can design laser forms to meet just about any need (checks, deposits, student billing, letters, W2's, United Way Campaign)
    • In-house designed forms are available as a cost effective alternative to vendor purchased pre-printed forms
    • Color highlights can be applied to enhance form presentation (color signature, totals)
    • Forms are merged with data from the application and produced on high speed XEROX laser printers

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Vendor Transmissions, Vendor Tape Remittance and Tape Library Management

  • Support Electronic Data Transmission to and from University vendors
  • Create, distribute and/or receive and process tape remittance and/or data transmissions files to and from University vendors
  • Maintain tape retention and cataloging through IBM based mainframe tape managing software.

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Mainframe Account Administration

  • Setup/revoke user IDs, add/remove account access, reset passwords










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