University of Rochester

Office of the Vice President for IT

Leveraging Employee Skills, Talents, and Passions

Employee Video

Seven University IT employees created a video to recognize some of what IT staff has accomplished over the past year.  In this spoof of the Old Spice commercials, these employees shared their passion for acting, screenwriting, and video production.  View the video.

Employee video cast and crew

Plant Exchange

Employees in University IT who are passionate about gardening exchanged plants and tips with other employees on May 24, 2012.

Plant Exchange 2012

Cybersecurity Awareness - Art Project 

"This project came to life because I said in a meeting that I want to paint.  I was given the opportunity to paint something for Security Awareness and I took it.  I know how important it is to be safe not only in the physical world but in the virtual one too, and I wanted to share that information with others."  Melissa Leahy, University IT

Learn more about the project.

cybersecurity awareness art project

Book Exchange

Employees in University IT held a book exchange from March 28 through April 1 2011.  The books that were left at the end of hte exchange were donated to our troops serving overseas and locally to the Victor Free Library.

book exchange 2011