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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion - in its broadest sense - means being open to understanding and appreciating differences in backgrounds, working styles, and experiences.   We want to inspire team members to embrace their unique differences and work together to create opportunities for world-class collaborations involving information technology.  In doing so, technology can serve as an effective enabler to advance the University mission. 

Our "UR Valued" approach builds diversity and inclusion into our culture through professional development, team building, serving
the community, and leveraging employee skills, talents, and passions.

UR Valued...

  - for what you bring to the table
  - for your creativity and innovation
  - for making a difference
  - for your involvement in the
  - for your teamwork
  - for your positive attitude and
  - for your willingness to go above
    and beyond

Conference Presentations

Our "UR Valued" approach has been featured at a number of conferences since its inception. Past presentations and resources are available below.

2014 EDUCAUSE Connect Conference

  • Will You Be Ready? How to Develop and Retain Your Workforce Today and in the Future
  • Voyages in Design: Making Space for Creativity and Collaboration
    [Abstract | Poster

2013 UR Diversity Conference

  • Breaking the Silence: How to Engage in Crucial Conversations to Foster a Climate of Inclusiveness

2012 UR Diversity Conference

  • Building Community and Making an Impact: University IT High School Summer Internship with Rochester City Schools
    [Abstract | Poster]
  • Embracing Differences through Staff Leadership
    [Abstract | Poster]

2011 UR Diversity Conference

  • Realizing Organizational Change Through a "UR Valued" Approach

2010 UR Diversity Conference

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