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For specifics about recommended email clients, please see our Software page.

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Email accounts


University IT provides email accounts to approximately 10,000 individuals throughout the University community. Typically, students in The College and Eastman School of Music and most College faculty and staff have email accounts on the Unix server ( Staff of the University's Central Administration typically have accounts on the Microsoft Exchange server (


Students normally will have their email account information sent to them before their arrival at the University

Information for Incoming Students

New employees will have their accounts setup within their departments.
Forms for requesting an account

College Departments
Administrative Departments

The University/College does not generally provide free email accounts for graduate students. Some departments or graduate schools do provide email accounts for grad students. See the administrator of your department or grad school for more information.

Other types of Accounts

Shared accounts
Class Accounts


For more information on email, contact the IT Center at 275-2000.


Connecting from Off-Campus


Off campus users can connect to their email account in a variety of ways.


Webmail for
POP (Eudora, Outlook)/VPN
Webmail for Exchange 2003


University mailing lists can be found at:


Mailing lists allow you to send an e-mail message to a single address and then have that message be automatically delivered to a large group of people. Mailing lists allow easy communication with members of your mailing list. Lsoft LISTSERV™ is the preferred mailing list application. You can find the web interface at


Setting up a LISTSERV email list (Link requires your NETID and password)
or contact

How to subscribe to a LISTSERV list:  

  • select it by clicking on the list name at , then click "Join or Leave listname", or
  • send an email with a message body that says:
    Subscribe listname firstname lastname (substitute italics with the listname and your name)
    Context-dependent help is available by clicking any "?" at
    Documentation is here

How to signoff from a LISTSERV list:

  • select it by clicking on the list name at , then click "Join or Leave listname", or
  • control your subscription options at the "subscribers corner"
  • send an email with a message body that says:
    signoff listname (substitute italics with the listname )

About legacy majordomo lists:
Majordomo user and administration commands
Majordomo documentation
Setting up an Exchange Distribution List


In order to provide a consistent and easy-to-use convention for email addresses throughout the University, faculty, staff, and students can request mail forwarding so that mail sent to will be forwarded to their department email box.

You do not need to reconfigure your email reader (e.g. Eudora, Outlook ) or resubscribe to any mailing lists.

Faculty and staff can use this link:

Set up/Make changes to your address

Students, please go through URAccessPlus at:

Student Setup of address


Forwarding your email


To forward your Exchange mail, contact the IT Center




Spam Handling


Filtering mail on your email account
Filtering mail on a majordomo mailing list
Filtering mail on an Exchange distribution list




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