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University IT Desktop Encryption

As part of a University-wide program to improve data security, full disk encryption is available for computers that handle high-risk sensitive data.  Full disk encryption is the process in which data on all areas of a computer’s internal hard drive is converted into a secure manner in order to protect the data from unauthorized access.  Data that is saved to external devices or media, such as flash drives or CDs, will not be encrypted and may be exposed to unauthorized personnel. If external media devices are needed to transport sensitive data, please contact your Information Security Department for protection options.


The average install requires less than a half hour.  The time to encrypt the hard drive is dependent on the size of drive.  Once installed, you may continue working on the computer while the hard drive is encrypted.  Contact your IT support staff to have full disk encryption installed on your computer.

Request Assistance

If you have any additional questions, please contact your local IT support representative or call the IT Center at 275-2000.